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A Closer Look at the Nature of Power Generators

There was a time when the only way to obtain fire on demand was to strike a piece of metal with a flint in order to create a spark and ignite some tinder. Similarly, the first efforts to produce electricity depended on friction between two surfaces. The result, however, was a static discharge and not […]

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Manufacture, Supply, and Maintenance of Generators in Pretoria

Together with the neighbouring city of Johannesburg, South Africa’s administrative capital accounts for the bulk of the industrial and commercial activity in the country. In addition, even though Gauteng is the smallest of the nine provinces, it is home to almost a quarter of the nation’s population. As a consequence, electricity consumption is also the […]

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Some Good Reasons for Choosing Diesel Generators

While some in other countries may wonder why backup power is necessary, except for industrial purposes, those of us who live in South Africa have long been aware of the risk when relying for mains electricity solely on a national service provider. Today, it is not only factories, mines, construction sites, and commercial premises that […]

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The Types of Backup Power, and Why They Are Important

The most common devices used to provide backup power fall into three categories. Of the three, two are also able to function as primary sources of electricity when needed. The two options in question are generators and solar panels. Although generators all employ the same principle to produce an electric current, they vary widely both […]

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To Avoid Power Supply Problems, Why Not Hire a Generator?

While, in many instances, a permanent solution intended to provide an emergency or backup power supply is essential, there are also occasions when the need is for a short-term, once-off solution, or perhaps where the need is temporary and only arises occasionally. Also, when considering the installation of a unit, it may not always be […]

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Commercial Generators are the Unsung Heroes in Many Businesses

In the heydays of Thomas Edison and his arch-rival Nikola Tesla, electricity was regarded as a miracle by most, and even as a manifestation of witchcraft by some. However, this convenient flow of electrons, and the many facilities it now enables, tend to be taken for granted in an age where space flight, organ transplants, […]

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