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Residential Solar Solutions Could Provide Owners with an Unexpected Benefit

There can be few consumers in South Africa who remain unaware that we face an impending energy crisis. This is not a reference to current flaws in the generation and distribution network operated by the national service provider, but to a much larger picture, in which both reserves of fossil fuel and the earth’s ecology […]

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Reliable Generator Repairs are Essential for a Sound Power Backup Strategy

Though perhaps a necessary measure in the light of current economic difficulties in South Africa, escalating electricity tariffs are still failing to meet the cost of the long-overdue and vital upgrade to the nation’s power generation and reticulation network that is needed to cope with the increasing demands of consumers. Add to this the fact […]

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Consider Generator Finance to Avoid Undue Pressure on Capital Reserves

There is no denying that, in recent years, the mains power upon which industrial, commercial and domestic users are so completely dependent, is no longer a facility whose continued reliability can be guaranteed. A seriously inadequate and aging power generation and distribution network and a limited allocation of funds with which to rectify these shortfalls […]

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Solar Panel Installations Promise an Economical and Eco-Friendly Power Supply

It is somewhat ironic that, despite the massive fusion engine at the centre of the earth’s year-long, elliptical journey that has made life possible, we have relied for so long on other, more finite sources of energy to sustain us and our activities. In primitive times, it was fire that first provided humans with essential […]

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The Importance of a Back-Up Power System for Shopping Malls

Whilst navigating the aisles of a hypermarket, enjoying a skinny latte at a popular coffee chain, or just checking out a few boutiques for something to wear at an upcoming company soirée, one is unlikely to consider just how dependent both traders and shoppers are upon a continuous supply of electricity. However, without some means […]

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Using Solar Power via Photovoltaic Arrays as a Back-Up Supply

The need for more widespread use of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly crucial if we wish to maintain our customary living standards. The ultimate result of the combination of shrinking reserves of fossil fuels and the escalating demand for electricity are all too obviously a matter for urgent concern. Consequently, current projects to harness, […]

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