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The Makelsan UPS – A world-class Option for Back-up Power

It is likely that few people appreciate the value of a power supply that is free of interruptions than South Africans. Plagued by technical problems with Eskom’s ailing generation and distribution infrastructure, and the need to enforce savings through the scheduled outages of mains power known as rolling blackouts, the nation’s need for emergency power […]

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Renewable Energy – Hope for a Better Future

Never before have our lifestyles, food supply, and means of transportation been as dependent on the planet’s capacity to provide us with a source of energy. We have continued to exploit its vast reserves, including wood, coal, oil, and natural gas. We have even released the energy trapped in the atom, despite the threat of […]

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The Demand for Generators by Industries in Gauteng Remains High

Perhaps even more so than those who live and work in the other eight provinces of South Africa, the homeowners, business owners, and industrialists who, together, make up the population of Gauteng, the nation’s smallest province, are very familiar with the disruption that accompanies a power outage. It is an event that has become increasingly […]

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It is Time to Consider the Value of a UPS Installation

Most of those living and working in South Africa will have, on numerous occasions, experienced the various difficulties that result when their electricity supply is interrupted. While this was once an event that could either be attributed to natural events, such as damage to a sub-station during a thunderstorm, or to deliberate action as a […]

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What You Should Expect from a Comprehensive Generator Service

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners, businesses, and industries may need to provide their own source of electricity. From the point of view of residents and small business owners, the main reason for this measure is the need to prepare themselves for the outages that are part of Eskom’s attempt to re-distribute its […]

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Backup Power Remains an Essential Precaution in South Africa

While there is no doubt that South Africa’s suppliers of networked power are making a substantial effort to supplement the production of the current, inadequate generation and distribution infrastructure, most consumers would be quick to comment that it simply amounts to bolting the stable door only after the horse has bolted. Although the existence of […]

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