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How Solar Panels Work and Why We Need Them

Light from the sun permeates our entire solar system, forming shadows on its most distant object, the dwarf planetoid Pluto and is even visible from galaxies beyond our own Milky Way. For the inhabitants of Earth, the sun provides not only light, but also the life-sustaining warmth that has made it possible to populate most […]

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Quality Generator Maintenance is a Mission-Critical Requirement

A reliable source of electricity is an essential requirement of any manufacturing operation, and when the mains supply proves unreliable or lacks sufficient power to meet the load demands of an industrial plant, electricity must be provided by means of an in-house, auxiliary power source. In remote locations, such as mining and construction sites that […]

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Sometimes, it Makes More Sense to Only Hire a Generator

One thing is certain. In South Africa, whether they choose to purchase one outright or to hire it, access to an electrical generator has now become an option that more and more people are being forced to rely upon. While in the early days of Eskom’s load shedding policy, when it was limited to domestic […]

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Types of Solar Installation, Their Benefits, and How They Work

There are two fundamentally different approaches to creating a solar installation capable of harnessing energy from the sun. It is important to understand the difference between them, as one of these options is somewhat limited in terms of what it is designed to deliver.

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Some Points to Consider When Purchasing Generators for a Business

With Eskom’s load shedding programme now attaining an unprecedented stage 4 status and regularly cutting 4 000 megawatts from the national grid, the importance of generators for a business has never been greater. In practical terms, this means that the original three-tier policy has now been extended to include eight stages, despite assertions by the […]

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An Overview of the Various Generators for Sale

While humans have managed for millennia without them, electricity and the means to produce it have become indispensable in most aspects of our day-to-day lives. At home, it is used to power illumination, climate control, cooking, refrigeration, communication, and entertainment, while our nation’s industries have hundreds if not thousands of tasks that, without it, would, […]

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