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Generator Repairs

Before Buying a Generator, Check for Repair and Maintenance Facilities At no time has the human race been more dependent upon electrical power. At one time, it was needed mainly to provide illumination and warmth. Today, however, not only is it used to drive a constantly growing range of labour-saving gadgets, but it is also […]

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Power Generators

The Evolution of Power Generators Though the Greek Philosopher, Thales of Miletus, wrote of the electrostatic effect of rubbing amber in 600 BC, it was 2 400 years later that electricity was first harnessed to perform useful work. Nevertheless, humans have never ceased to find new ways to harness energy for their own purposes. Though […]

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Generators Cape Town

New Conditions Governing the Use of Generators in Cape Town Like the remainder of South African’s citizens, the residents of the Western Cape Province are subject to frequent power outages. These result from Eskom’s policy of scheduled load shedding, which is designed to ensure the national service provider is able to conserve sufficient reserves of […]

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Diesel Generators

Some Good Reasons for Homeowners to Invest in Diesel Generators The demand for independent power sources, such as diesel generators has increased in recent years. Part of the reason is that homeowners have been joining the more traditional commercial and industrial consumers, now sharing their need for an on-site power source at a time when […]

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Residential Solar Solutions

Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Power Solutions for Residential Use Radiant energy from the sun is hot enough to melt lead both on its nearest planetary neighbour, mercury, and on Venus, more than 30 million miles further away. After travelling another 30 million miles or so, its radiant energy level drops to a point where it […]

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A Closer Look at the Nature of Power Generators

There was a time when the only way to obtain fire on demand was to strike a piece of metal with a flint in order to create a spark and ignite some tinder. Similarly, the first efforts to produce electricity depended on friction between two surfaces. The result, however, was a static discharge and not […]

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