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The PacB Group has identified a need for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) in the market and we are the proud supplier of MAKELSAN UPS. We can assist from as small as 1kVA right up to and including a 800kVA UPS.

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UPS Solutions

Our single phase range is 1kVA-10kVA and above 10kVA we supply the three phase option.
We can also assist with the three phase in and single phase out option.

Axil 1-10kVA - Single Phase

Key Features:

  • Fan Speed Control
  • Output THDv <2%
  • Output Voltage Regulation <1%
  • Input THDi <5%
  • Frequency Converter Mode
  • High Efficiency Mode (ECO)
  • Wide Input Range
  • 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • DSP Control
  • Compact Design

  • Extendable Run Time
  • Dual input (for 6-10KVA)
  • Power Management Software
  • Multiple Communication Ports
  • Optional SNMP & Relay Cards
  • Temperature Compensation
  • PDU(for 6-10KVA)
  • 1+1 Parallel for 6-10KVA
  • Interchangeable phases available
  • Removable bypass and DB combination for zero down time

Makelsan 10-800kVA - Three Phase

Key Features:

  • True On Line-Double Conversion Technology
    (Class VFI-SS-111)
  • IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology
  • DSP Control
  • Low Input Current THD (<3%)
  • High Input Power Factor (>0.99)
  • High Efficiency up to 93%
  • Optional Dual Input
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Advanced Battery Management

  • Unlimited Number of Paralellable Modules
  • Selectable Number of Batteries
  • 500 Real Time Event Log with Detailed Parameters
  • Static&Manual Bypass Operation
  • Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance
  • Advanced Communication Capabilities
  • Customizable as Frequency Converter
  • Short Circuit, Neutral and Overload Protection
  • Perfect Generator Compatibility
  • SNMP Card and AS400 included

We are confident in our UPS because:

The MAKELSAN UPS that we supply is neutral and short circuit protected which is a “must” to ensure that your equipment is protected.

Should there ever be a problem our technicians are able to assist you telephonically, instead of sending a technician out on site.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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