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3 Reasons to Invest in a John Deere Generator

Today, running a business is challenging as not only are companies up against political unrest coupled with a slipping economy, but business owners must deal with rolling blackouts. South Africa’s leading energy supplier is in debt, and experts warn of a looming crisis that will mimic our water and wastewater crisis. Similar to how water-reliant industries are recycling their water, energy-reliant businesses are investing in generators to generate their energy to keep their businesses running successfully. Fortunately, we can rely on John Deere.

When the lights go out in an emergency, the John Deere standby power generator is there to take charge. Since 1837, this brand has manufactured a range of products including, steel ploughs, cotton pickers, hay balers, tractors, lawn tools, snowmobiles, bicycles and generators – one of the world’s most valuable energy machines. Here’s why John Deere generators are the most widely used brand globally:

Engine and Fuel Capacity Are Steps Ahead of Competitors

Over the past 100 years, the brand has churned out over 700 different tractor models and is still the preferred engine for many generator manufacturers today. This powerful brand produces its award-winning engines from non-emissions and thus matches the clean air requirements, without sacrificing engine performance.

Besides being environmentally friendly, their fuel tanks have a large capacity, providing a longer run time. Most models come with a fuel gauge, which tells you how long the generator has been running and the amount of petrol left. This information makes it easy to know when you need to change the oil and perform other maintenance tasks, preventing malfunctions and minimising costly maintenance issues.

Machines are Soundless

Since 1937, John Deere has made it their goal to uphold their core values of quality, integrity, innovation, and commitment to pollution, including noise. They combine high performance, versatility, and reliability that comply with the highest industry standards. This brand giant has designed several models that operate under 70 decibels, making them an excellent choice for residential areas. They function quietly, allowing homes and businesses to run their generator, day and night, with their machine near their property and their neighbour’s property.

There Is a Model for Every Need

As a successful, leading force in the global agricultural community, powering farms around the world and helping to feed the global population for over 180 years, this iconic, well-loved giant design their generators to power up just about anything, in any industry, on any terrain. Wet farmlands, dusty construction sites, and in the bush to the wide-open ocean – John Deere products offer both private and commercial businesses of all sizes with reliable emergency back-up systems. Accommodating items that need 120 volts, 240 volts, or a combination of these – when downtime is not an option, they ensure dependable, round-the-clock power.

Ready to Invest?

A John Deere generator lives up to the hard-working expectations you expect and will bring peace of mind. From proven, lasting performance and emission compliance to lower operating costs, and with over 4,000 service locations worldwide to ensure you stay up and running – John Deere generators are unsurpassed and will last you years to come. Even Industry Week voted this machine giant in their top ten largest machinery manufacturers in 2017– and the team at PacB could not agree more.

Established out of a demand for sustainable energy supplies in remote areas or load shedding-interrupted areas, we provide John Deere generators to industries, businesses, hospitals, clinics, school, homes, and any organisation that requires an efficient and reliable source of energy. Chat with one of our engineers or sales experts to find out more about our wide range of models, sizes, and prices.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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