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Why Consider a FAW Generator?

FAW Group Corporation (“First Automobile Works”) is a Chinese state-owned industrial manufacturing entity headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China. Its product range includes cars, buses, trucks, diesel engines, and auto parts. FAW became China’s first domestic automobile manufacturer, unveiling China’s first passenger car, the Hongqi, in 1958. WuXi Diesel Engine Works (also known as FAWDE), located […]

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How Does an Alternating Current 3-Phase Generator Work?

In an AC single-phase generator, mechanical energy is used to create electrical energy. According to Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction, a generator produces voltage when an armature comprising wound copper coils around a metal core rotates through a magnetic field produced by two magnets. Single-phase units produce voltage in one single sine wave. An AC […]

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The Role of Industrial Diesel Generators

Industrial diesel generators have become popular throughout South Africa since load shedding was first introduced. In order to carry on with business, many companies have been forced to turn to alternative power sources, such as diesel generators. How does one measure the costs incurred by industrial companies due to power outages? Various methods are used, […]

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Generator Suppliers in South Africa

South Africa has one of the biggest markets for generators in Africa, which has resulted in a vast number of suppliers emerging to try and service the market. A Google search for generator suppliers in Gauteng alone returns over 300 000 hits. Not only is there a vast number of companies offering generators for sale, […]

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As Eskom’s Woes Continue, Opt for Diesel Generators for Sale

The electricity crisis in South Africa is maturing from purely generation capacity issues to the addition of electricity price fatigue. Ever escalating tariffs are putting pressure on homeowners and commercial and industrial power users to become more efficient users of electricity. The capacity of Eskom to finance its generation, transmission, and distribution activities is also coming into […]

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Generators as Backup or Primary Electrical Power

Historically, generators have been used by commercial and industrial users where continuity of electricity supply is critical. The decision to purchase a generator is often a “no brainer” for these sectors because the cost of power interruptions is unacceptably high. The decision comes down to which vendor and what make of generator to go with. […]

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