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Diesel Generators Run Our World

It might prove to be, in this mess that Eskom has created, that diesel generators are only filling in for renewable energy solutions, green solutions that are only now showing legitimate, competitive performance. It might be so indeed, but thank the stars that we have diesel technology, as well as the generator technology that nowadays […]

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South Africa is Now Home to World-Class Industrial Generators

Being rated a world-class venue for industrial generators is not an accolade this country ever needed, but still involuntarily received. South Africa has been forced into alternative power supply solutions by a crumbling state apparatus. That said, with the tremendous uptick in generator application across the country, in homes and on business premises, at the […]

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You Need the Power of a 3-Phase Generator

In any country racked by power outages, people tend to make other plans. In South Africa, that has meant installing a generator in most cases. While renewable energy technology is now on the map, business particularly needed a guaranteed solution to address Eskom’s slide into being a national shame. Although generators are costly, fairly hi-tech […]

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Diesel Generators Aid Industry and Homeowners Alike

Over the last 20 years, diesel generators have become ubiquitous across South Africa. Diesel generators’ popularity was given a massive boost by the parastatal power supplier (which incredulously to this day remains the only legal supplier of bulk electricity in this country), as it became the albatross around all our necks. With a lot of […]

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It is No Overstatement to Say That Generators Have Saved the SA Economy

While a large percentage of modern consumers are aware of “off-grid” living and everything that it implies, South Africans have a further impetus beyond green concerns that might encourage many to run on alternative power, namely a terribly erratic power supply! If ever there was a grand marketing campaign for alternative power solutions, Eskom is […]

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Generator Service Has Evolved

Generators have evolved in the South African marketplace, to a point today where the early mismatches when Eskom started failing are now completely unnecessary to experience. Thousands of South Africans rushed to buy generators that were sold by opportunistic, as well as established players, in the booming arena of power supply. Many ended up with […]

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