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4 Easy DIY Tips for UPS Maintenance

Eskom’s regular power outages have caused many businesses to rely on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to take over the load on demand, with no disruption to their business. As a result, regular inspections, service and maintenance regimes play a critical role in ensuring that a UPS minimises the risks of downtime and performs as […]

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2 Easy Solar Maintenance Tasks to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Wear and Tear

During periods of short supply, Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned utility firm implements electricity cuts to minimise pressure on the national grid. The situation has deteriorated so much that South African property owners and industries do not have any faith in the government and Eskom to fix the problems, so South Africans are turning to solar […]

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3 Reasons to Invest in a John Deere Generator

Today, running a business is challenging as not only are companies up against political unrest coupled with a slipping economy, but business owners must deal with rolling blackouts. South Africa’s leading energy supplier is in debt, and experts warn of a looming crisis that will mimic our water and wastewater crisis. Similar to how water-reliant […]

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Commercial Generators: Why You Need Them and How to Choose Them

No business wants to lose money due to unforeseen power outages. But it makes no difference how much money you invest, to keep your business from functioning, sometimes things are out of your control, like load shedding. Remember, in 2008 when load shedding first arrived, and then it returned in 2015, and again in 2019, […]

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Install Back-Up Solar Power and Start Saving Money and Securing Energy with the Sun

Is it time to go green? Over the years, South Africans have been watching their energy costs go from high-priced to unaffordable. Eskom, South Africa’s giant electricity producer and supplier, are in debt, owing more than R420 billion. This figure only confirms that another electricity increase is on the horizon, and South Africans need to […]

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4 Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Solar Panels Last a Lifetime

Electricity keeps our economy turning, and each day the lights go out, we lose millions. As a result, many businesses struggle, leaving them little choice but to retrench employees or even close their doors. But why should we rely on Eskom when we have a hot climate and a long coastline that boasts strong winds? […]

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