PacB Power Solutions has expanded into the realm of renewable energy and can now offer, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utilty scale solar solutions.

The PacB Group would like to introduce you to our latest division – PacB Energy. Through this division, we aim to add value to our existing client base and expand our established footprint in the backup energy market. Solar is becoming an increasingly important part of our energy mix and is an attractive proposition, and PacB is leading the way in this market with our creative collaborations.

At PacB, we only affiliate ourselves with the best as we believe in building lasting relationships with our partners and our clients. Our innovative TIER 1 equipment offers our clients the best quality. SAVE on operational expenditure and/or large, up-front investments with our cutting-edge solar solutions. We offer customisable packages on ISA or CAPEX solutions, as listed below:

  • Solar Grid Tie
  • Hybrid Grid Tie
  • Hybrid Grid Tie with Battery Back Up
  • Hybrid Grid Tie with Generator Back Up
  • Hybrid Grid Tie with Gen & Batt Back Up
  • Off-Grid Solutions

To receive a no-obligation, free proposal, all we need from you are the GPS coordinates of the location where you are based and 6 to 12 months’ worth of electricity statements. It is completely hassle-free!

Whether you require backup power only or OPEX reduction through solar supplementation, we will tailor the BEST solution to suit your needs. After you have perused and accepted our proposal, we will perform an energy assessment/audit and metering exercise to reiterate this solution for a fully comprehensive package. Our excellent track record on installation turnarounds will save you so much more!

Contact us for your FREE PROPOSAL now.

    Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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