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Why it Could Pay You to Hire a Generator

The most obvious and among the most common reasons to hire a generator rather than buying one is that it will only be required for a short period. Perhaps a family is planning to hold a wedding reception or some other type of party in a remote beauty spot where there is no access to […]

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What to Consider When Choosing an Emergency Backup Generator

Both residents and business owners rely heavily on an uninterrupted supply of electrical power to their premises. Consequently, when that supply becomes disrupted, whether due to accidental damage, infrastructure failure, or a planned outage, most businesses, together with a growing number of households, now rely on the power from an emergency backup generator. While such […]

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A UPS Can be Invaluable Until it Requires Repairs

The problem of keeping things running when the electricity supply is interrupted is one that has two possible solutions. For example, one could make use of an in-house electrical generator to produce the required current when it is needed. Alternatively, backup power could be sourced from a battery that has been previously charged while the […]

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Could Solar Panels Offer the Promise of Sustainable Power?

While many of us in South Africa are feeling the bite of winter’s chill, parts of Europe are experiencing unprecedented summer heatwaves, recording temperatures more in keeping with those of midday in the Sahara than in capital cities, such as London, Brussels, and Paris, where the mercury recently hit 42.5° Celsius. That our irresponsible consumption […]

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Why Buy if You Can Hire an Industrial Generator?

There are many industries that are obliged to maintain a permanent, in-house source of electricity, either as a means to augment the power of the mains supply to provide an emergency backup supply in the event of a mains outage, or because no mains electricity is available at their location. In addition, there can also […]

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Mains Failures Are Driving the Demand for Office Generators

Electric copiers, printers, and computers, together with local area networking technology, mobile phones, and the World Wide Web have all led to vast changes in the way most of us now work and the more dependent upon electricity we have become. One seldom sees a manual typewriter or a fountain pen outside of a museum, […]

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