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Some Good Reasons to Consider Solar Power for Your Business

For anyone who may be attempting to operate any kind of commercial enterprise in South Africa, access to a reliable source of electrical power is essential. While factories have long been reliant on electricity as the means to power their machinery, computers and the Internet alone have even transformed the way office staff work, making […]

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How You Could Avoid Facing Load Shedding Problems this Year

There can be no doubt that Eskom’s continuing inability to maintain a sufficiently stable supply of mains electricity to the nation’s consumers has been causing major disruptions for the majority of residents and businesses in South Africa.  For those who may have suffered during 2019, it should, therefore, come as a welcome relief to learn […]

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Generator Rentals – A Way to Maintain Power and Preserve Capital

For the homeowner faced with the latest round of load shedding, purchasing a small generating unit with sufficient output to keep the lights on, and to power a few of the more basic electrical functions, should not pose too much of a financial burden. However, in those situations where far more power might be required, […]

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Some Common Problems That Create The Need for Solar Repairs

While the photovoltaic panels installed on your rooftop may have no moving parts to become worn, much like the roof ties upon which they are mounted, they can sustain damage as the result of local weather conditions. In practice, however, one of the most common explanations for diminished system performance is simply an accumulation of […]

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The Nature and Benefits of a Generator Service Level Agreement

Whether relating to an aircraft, a computer network installation, or a diesel generator, a service level agreement is a document in which full details of the responsibilities agreed upon by a service provider are recorded for the perusal and acceptance of the client. Once it has been approved and signed by both stakeholders, like any […]

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Silent Generators Can Take the Headache Out of Power Failures

While most industrial operations tend to be located in areas where high levels of background noise are the norm, the same cannot usually be said of the commercial and domestic users who are now frequently required to produce their own electrical power. Until relatively recently, whether powered by petrol or diesel, gensets were inherently noisy […]

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