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Generators – a Hot South African Topic

Although everyone in South Africa is familiar with word “generators” and its most commonly- associated function, it is nevertheless interesting to see what one of the most widely-used international search engines has to say about the word’s meaning. The word in question is “generators”. Definitions of Generators Upon doing a Google search for their definitions […]

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A Better Basic Understanding of Uninterrupted Power Supplies

The wide, wonderful world of invention, development and research – particularly pertaining to science and technology – is never stagnant, always moving, improving, and evolving. Yesterday’s “brand, spanking new and revolutionary” development is in many instances, already today’s history, old and outdated, and obsolete by tomorrow. Consequently, there are still some people who haven’t kept […]

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Generators for the People of South Africa and Beyond

Currently, in South Africa, increasing numbers of South Africans are acquiring generators, principally as standby sources of electricity during outages, which result in their areas being without mains electricity. Outages are caused by a wide variety of factors, which may have a single or combined adverse effect on electricity supply. 15 Key Reasons for Disrupted […]

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“Must Have” Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Whenever you are making use of a facility or piece of equipment, you expect it to continue functioning or operating smoothly, seamlessly and uninterrupted, until your task has been completed, or you have set a timer to switch it off automatically. Inconvenience, Waste, and Loss Any unplanned interruption is at best likely to be inconvenient, […]

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The Importance of Regular Generator Maintenance

As for any type of functioning machinery, it is essential that generators undergo service and maintenance. What could be worse than finding that the power-generating unit on which you rely when the electricity system experiences an outage won’t or cannot function, because your privately-owned generator has developed a fault. You need a technician with the […]

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Reputable, Reliable Generators by FAW and the PacB Group

For many decades the only industries which were aware of industrial diesel-powered, heavy-duty generators such as those designed and made by FAW, were those that were located in remote locations, without the infrastructure to connect to the main electricity grid. Later though, the subject of FAW power-producing units would become better known, assuming even more […]

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