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UPS Installations Providing Seamless Switching Between Power Sources

South Africa’s national electricity supplier, Eskom, which had enjoyed a monopoly in its field since the company was established during the first half of the 1920s, functioned very well for many years – a fact which most South African citizens have either forgotten or never knew at all. Regardless, the then stable electricity supply would […]

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Generator Service Level Agreement

Agreement About Generator Service Levels Right now, during March 2020, there are two serious and very topical issues that confront the South African Government and its various departments, as well as businesses of all types and every member of this country’s population. The Covid 19 virus has been declared a worldwide pandemic, and load shedding […]

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UPS Monitoring

Superior UPS and Monitoring Solutions by the PacB Group During periods when a national electricity supplier experiences problems in providing an adequate amount of power to an area, region, or the entire country, words such as “generator”, “backup systems”, “batteries”. “inverters”, “emergency power”, and “uninterruptable power supply” (UPS) are frequently used by those in the […]

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Generator Maintenance

Making Generator Maintenance a Top Priority It’s handy  to have a generator on site to provide you with electrical power when there’s another round of load shedding on hand. They’re also useful when you experience a breakdown of some minor or major component in the supply system, or you’re located too far from an Eskom […]

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Generators Cape Town

Generators and Power Solution Options in Cape Town It appears to many people who live upcountry and inland in South Africa as if the Western Cape and Cape Town’s authorities are enterprising people who live in a region and city where things work better than elsewhere in the country. True or not, that’s not the […]

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Silent Generators

Sounds of Silence and Almost Silent Generators Nowadays, almost everyone in urban areas and beyond is familiar with the sight and sound of generators operating busily during these times of recurrent power failures, load shedding, and electricity outages. At night, in the suburbs, when everything is silent, the sound of an alternative, functioning power supply […]

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