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Industrial Generator Sales Remain High as Mains Outages Persist

Contrary to the common belief that Thomas Edison was the father of mains electricity, the world’s first public supply can actually be traced to a small town in the English county of Surrey. Built in 1881, a year earlier than Edison’s steam-driven generating plant, it employed a water wheel to drive the Siemens alternator that […]

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The Importance of a Comprehensive UPS Service

The convenience of an uninterrupted supply of mains electricity is something that, barring the odd occasion on which a lightning strike might have disabled a sub-station, South Africans had enjoyed for decades. With the establishment of Eskom in 1923, the goal of nationwide electrification seemed achievable. The dream was shattered when, in 2007, rolling blackouts […]

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It’s Time More South Africans Go off the Grid

This is a phrase that can have several interpretations depending on just who may be going off the grid. For a criminal attempting to escape justice, it might mean acquiring a new identity and moving overseas. For a recluse, it could be a cabin in the woods while, to a modern teenager, it could mean […]

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A Layman’s Guide to Generator Installation

Prior to the onset of South Africa’s energy crisis in 2007, with the exception of the nation’s industries, many of its farms, and some of the more isolated settlements, few people had any real need to produce their own electricity. It was then that the increasing demand for electrical power, combined with a shortage of […]

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Regular Generator Maintenance is a Crucial Part of Power Security

It is possible that you may have recently purchased a genset and, having had it professionally installed, it is now providing your operation with all of the auxiliary or backup power you could possibly need. If this is the case, there is one fact that you should be careful not to overlook. A genset is […]

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Can You Guarantee Access to the Generator Spares You Need?

Whether you depend on electricity produced on-site to supply all of the power for a large manufacturing plant or just as an emergency backup option made necessary by frequent mains outages, you need to be sure that you can rely on your genset. As a general rule, adopting a schedule of regular maintenance will provide […]

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