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Powering Businesses and Homes beyond the Grid: 3 Benefits of Industrial Solar Energy

Eskom has been the subject of much criticism over the past several years, costing the country tens of millions a day in lost productivity. From accusations of corruption to the mismanagement of funds and illegal tenders, Eskom is struggling under the demand for energy that is expected of it. This results in neglected power plants, […]

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3 Ways Remote Generator Monitoring Can Better Your Bottom Line

Is your generator a drain on your pocket, and the environment too? Owing to new developments, or any remote site with no electricity, many businesses rely on these devices to power their equipment and machinery. A generator is the most valuable piece of equipment used in the building industry today, and is indispensable within the […]

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5 Easy Tips for DIY Generator Maintenance and Repairs

As if the effects of lockdown on businesses weren’t enough, load-shedding is back again—and we all know what that means for business. Eskom’s energy woes have brought another set of challenges for those that rely on electricity to put food on the table. While no one truly knows how long the lights will be on […]

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5 Reasons Home Owners Choose Cummins Generators over Budget Brands

Owing to fresh developments throughout South Africa, most construction sites rely on equipment and machinery that require electrical power. Because of a lack of infrastructure and power lines, a steady supply of power on a construction site can be as complex as the job itself, which is why contractors and engineers rely on generators. Nevertheless, […]

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Responsible Generator Sales Ensures Safety and Satisfaction

Commerce and industry are based on a few fundamental principles – need or want, supply, and demand. One may need a generator because one wants to have backup power when the national electricity grid fails or is subjected to load shedding or outages for planned maintenance. Next, the person or client must find a supplier […]

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Superior South African FAW Generators by Pretoria’s PacB Group

Across the world and certainly on the great African continent and within South Africa, it’s not at all unusual to spot FAW trucks at construction sites. They are also often spotted in places where civil engineering projects are taking place or on highways, byways, and dirt tracks. They are usually heavily loaded and leading to […]

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