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Silent Generators Can Take the Headache Out of Power Failures

While most industrial operations tend to be located in areas where high levels of background noise are the norm, the same cannot usually be said of the commercial and domestic users who are now frequently required to produce their own electrical power. Until relatively recently, whether powered by petrol or diesel, gensets were inherently noisy […]

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Diesel Generators – Keeping the Wheels of Commerce and Industry Turning

It was a long and hard journey from the years when companies and utilities first built their own small-scale power plants to meet the individual needs of their businesses, to the vast power generation and distribution network that commenced its development in 1923 under the command of Eskom – the new state-owned electricity provider. This […]

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The Changing Face of Industrial Generators

The ability to generate a steady current of electricity by mechanical means can be attributed to the English scientist Michael Faraday who, in 1831, discovered the phenomenon known as electromagnetic induction. However, the first dependable industrial generators did not appear until more than 60 years later when, in 1892, a German refrigeration engineer named Rudolph […]

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Knowing When to Service Your Generator Could be Crucial

While there is not a lot that can go wrong with an alternator, just like those in our family cars, the engines that drive them will need a bit of attention, from time to time, if we want them to continue operating with their usual efficiency. In the case of a car, the owner’s manual […]

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A Few Simple Guidelines on Choosing the Right Generator

Whereas the need for an auxiliary source of electricity was once largely restricted to industry and to those living on farms or in remote rural areas, despite the intensive efforts to extend electrification in South Africa, that need has actually been increasing. The question is no longer whether or not one may need an alternative […]

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A Brief Review of Current Renewable Energy Alternatives

Recent years have seen an outpouring of data concerning climate change and the potentially horrific consequences of global warming. We are reliably informed that the biggest single reason for the existence of this threat is the burning of fossil fuels, much of which is devoted to the generation of electricity. Because these are finite resources, […]

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