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Superior Standard and Custom-Built South African Generators

Electricity supply is a hot topic throughout South Africa and has been so for more than a decade. Issues associated with this topic also have international business and investment implications and far-reaching repercussions. Electricity generators and the need for the sustained generation of reliable electricity supply across our country is of great importance. A Shutdown […]

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Ensure Excellent Uninterrupted Electrical Power Supplies

When a piece of equipment or technology that’s designed to perform a certain task or supply role switches off while it’s supposed to be functioning, or fails, it’s either damaged, or its power source has malfunctioned or been unexpectedly interrupted. These moments can be frustrating and can make you wish you had invested in uninterrupted […]

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The Important Role of Professional Generator Maintenance Service Providers

If there is one matter that’s abundantly clear in South Africa, it’s that regular, timely maintenance and repairs to electricity-generating equipment is an on-going, never-ending, and essential activity. In South Africa, a lack of required, regular maintenance to power-producing generators and allied equipment, coupled with the rapid growth and increasing demands placed on electrical infrastructure, […]

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First Class FAW Generators

These generators have an interesting origin. This origin begins with a history of tried and tested, hard-working vehicles that precede the first design, development, and manufacture of the brand’s subsequent venture – the manufacture, distribution, and supply of a range of electricity-generating power solutions – FAW generators. Initially, before FAW generators became a reality and […]

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A Business Generator Overcomes a South African Problematic Phenomenon

Sadly, it’s seldom “business as usual” if the supply of electrical power to your particular business and/or the area in which it’s located fails because the copper cables were stolen, something was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, a circuit breaker tripped, or something else that wasn’t maintained broke down.

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South Africa’s Sales of Superior Generators Across Africa

There’s a great deal more involved in building a sterling reputation as a responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable generator sales concern than addressing a customer in person or telephonically and convincing the person to part with their hard-earned money for their purchase and the salesperson’s sale of a generator. Professionally Speaking Selling and supplying a modern, […]

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