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How UPS Monitoring Works and Why It Is So Important

Anyone who may be genuinely concerned about the health of his or her computer and the integrity of the data stored on it is likely to be just as familiar with the uninterruptible power supply as with the various brands of anti-virus software in circulation. After all, while a virus can act to corrupt important […]

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What Are The Main Benefits of Industrial Solar Power?

Whenever a new technology is introduced, there is a period during which its inventors first investigate its possible practical applications before the first working products hit the consumer market. At this stage, the cost of acquisition is normally quite high, and the early adopters restricted to those with the biggest budgets. As the demand increases […]

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A Complete Generator Service – What it Should Consist Of

In light of the current uncertainties surrounding the supply of mains electricity by Eskom, the ability for industrial and commercial entities to maintain their operation has become increasingly dependent upon their capacity to generate their own electrical power on-site. However, despite its robust construction, continuity of power can only be assured if the on-site generator […]

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The Various Types of Solar Power Installations

The sun’s rays have the power to catalyse the reaction between carbon dioxide and water, producing the glucose required for plant nutrition. During this process, which is known as photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is drawn from the atmosphere and replaced by a by-product of this reaction – the oxygen essential for animal respiration. The radiant output […]

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A Few Reasons Why You Need to Consider Installing Solar Panels

While some may still find the concept a little over-dramatic, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that unless we make some rapid and substantial progress in reducing our reckless burning of fossil fuels, there is little hope for the future survival of our planet and the life on it. While the transition […]

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Some Sound Reasons for Choosing Diesel Generators

Electricity on tap became available to homes and businesses because of a phenomenon, known as electromagnetic induction. Essentially, what this means is that if a conductor, such as a coil of copper wire is exposed to a moving magnetic field, there is a tendency for an electric current to form in the conductor. In effect, […]

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