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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Beat the Blackouts with Uninterrupted Power Supply   Despite being a commodity that millions of consumers have become dependent upon, mains electricity is something on which South Africans can no longer rely. The repeated failure by Eskom to maintain an uninterrupted power supply to homes and businesses has attracted a great deal of controversy in […]

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Renewable Energy Ideas

It’s Time to Put Those Renewable Energy Ideas into Action   While it’s convenient for oil companies and some world leaders to dismiss their claims as exaggerated, leading scientists and climatologists continue to emphasise the urgent need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to action some of the renewable energy ideas they propose as […]

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Commercial Generator Hire

Commercial Generator Hire – An Economical and Temporary Power Solution   Most people who attend agricultural shows or music concerts held in a field or a park – some distance from the nearest habitation – will probably have given little thought to how the organisers made provision for an electrical source to power lighting, amplifiers, […]

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Industrial Generator Quote

What Will Be Required to Compile an Industrial Generator Quote? The majority of industries in South Africa and beyond rely heavily on the means to generate their own electricity on site. The reasons for this vary. It may be that a mine, for example, is too remote from the national grid to get its power […]

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How to Cope with Load Shedding

Some Ideas on How to Cope with Load Shedding The latest round of scheduled power cuts by the national electricity provider has been the most severe to date. Today, more and more South Africans are wondering how the best way might be to cope with the effects of load shedding. Sadly, in the light of […]

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Commercial Solar Systems – An increasingly Cost-Effective Option

While the initial cost of a commercial solar installation can be quite considerable, the losses that result from downtime during periods of load shedding can also be crippling without some form of backup power to rely on. While running a diesel generator during such times is certainly a viable means to ensure continued productivity, the […]

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