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3 Ways Remote Generator Monitoring Can Better Your Bottom Line

Is your generator a drain on your pocket, and the environment too? Owing to new developments, or any remote site with no electricity, many businesses rely on these devices to power their equipment and machinery. A generator is the most valuable piece of equipment used in the building industry today, and is indispensable within the South African construction industry, especially in remote areas where water and energy are non-existent.

As an energy backup or an electricity requirement in remote areas, they are a critical piece of equipment that must work when needed. However, similar to other large pieces of equipment, many issues can arise. For example, if there are power fluctuations, surges, or if the generator runs dry, you will cause project delays, which equates to reduced profit. But you can avoid this with generator monitoring software.

As technology continues to grow, businesses can now better manage their machine performance through remote monitoring. Keeping an eye on your machine 24/7 drastically increases its reliability. Through power-management software, and by installing sensors and smart devices on the generator, you can now keep track of battery voltage, fuel levels, power, run hours, and so much more. As a result, you get to prevent costly problems before they arise, optimising maintenance schedules and extending the life of your investment.

Benefits of Such Monitoring

The ability to monitor your machine and manage your settings from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is both convenient and valuable. Generator monitoring software provides an excellent ROI – but do not take our word for it. Here’s how this fancy software can better your bottom line.

Decrease Labour Costs and Increase Performance

Having total control of a machine’s performance metrics reduces labour costs, removing the need for employees to monitor and record data all day. Instead of spending money on overseeing performance, businesses can spend more time on analysing the data for increased efficiencies.

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

As a business owner, you understand the value of your equipment: if one part should break, your entire operation can come to a standstill. Generator monitoring software prevents problems before they start by sending out alerts, updates and reports on run-hours, power generation, fuel level and consumption, battery voltage, and temperature profiles. Performance monitoring provides access to important data for better-informed decision making. This information saves businesses money by reducing maintenance and repair costs, downtime, and fuel consumption.

Prevent Fuel Theft, Contamination, and Leaks

South Africa is amid a crime wave unlike ever before. Fuel is now a commodity, opening up a sizeable gap for theft, leaving those with building and construction sites in remote areas unprotected. Besides theft and fuel contamination, these businesses battle fuel leaks and exorbitant petrol hikes. The construction industry faces many ongoing challenges, but all of the above is now easily minimised by observing fuel levels of all fuel tanks. In fact, generator monitoring can manage and monitor thousands of devices on a single platform.

If you’re one of many businesses struggling with high output costs and low generator performance, PacB Group’s remote monitoring software will better your bottom line. Established out of a demand for sustainable energy supplies in remote areas or load-shedding-interrupted areas, we provide the most efficient and reliable energy power brands. Specialising in high-quality industrial generators that range from 10 kVA to 2 500 kVA and up to 6 000kVA when synchronising, PacB Group implements solutions for online monitoring of generators.

Our years of experience paired with our range of services and solutions make us the right choice for industries, businesses, hospitals, clinics, school, homes or any organisation that requires an efficient and reliable independent energy source.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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