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5 Reasons Home Owners Choose Cummins Generators over Budget Brands

Owing to fresh developments throughout South Africa, most construction sites rely on equipment and machinery that require electrical power. Because of a lack of infrastructure and power lines, a steady supply of power on a construction site can be as complex as the job itself, which is why contractors and engineers rely on generators. Nevertheless, so do homes. Today, many homeowners use a backup generator for when the lights go out.

The Problem with Cheap Brands

As one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment used today, a generator can mean the difference between no electricity, and a fully functioning home with lights. These machines can be an efficient, reliable, and hard-wearing, but that all depends on the brand. Budget brands provide an array of problems, from inferiority issues, difficulties with honouring warranty’s, and poor customer support to insufficient spare part availability. As a result, millions of businesses and homes in South Africa rely on the Cummins generator brand.

Besides manufacturing the world’s best quality generators, Cummins also produce a variety of superior-quality energy products. Improving lives and powering farms, hospitals, clinics, schools, manufacturers, data centre’s, cloud servers, businesses, towns, communities, and homes, the Cummins brand is a global power leader that provides the most efficient, high-performing, and most reliable residential and business generators.

Why Choose Cummins?

Synonymous with power, strength, quality, and durability, when you invest in one of these powerful machines, you invest in the Cummins name. However, superior quality does not come cheap, so before you waste good money on a budget brand, here are five reasons to put your money in a Cummins generator.

  1. Instant Energy: Load-shedding is back, causing widespread inconvenience for every home and business. When the lights go out, you need instant energy and best performance, and that’s where these machines hit the ball out of the park. Providing a performance unrivalled by any other brand, these robust engines can transfer an electric load within 10 seconds during a power outage.
  2. Compact and Lightweight Design: These sophisticated machines have a sleek and compact design, making them quiet and neighbourhood friendly. Whereas standard budget brand generators should stay far from the house in an open environment to avoid toxic fumes, Cummins users can install their machine as close as 18 inches from their home.
  3. Tough, Durable, and Fuel Efficient: These machines are tough, and the best part is they provide outstanding fuel economy. Burning through less energy than its competitors, these machines can power through any extreme weather. The durable protective casing around them can withstand extreme temperatures and wind speeds of up to 150 mph. There is no environment too extreme for these hardwearing machines.
  4. Remote Monitoring: It’s easy to run a generator dry, but this will never happen with a Cummins. Performing self-diagnostics to monitor its functions and performance, these machines boast remote monitoring. Designed to increase the reliability of your machine by allowing you to monitor battery voltage, fuel levels, power, and run hours, you prevent costly problems and ensure a sustainable supply of energy when the lights go out.
  5. Exception Quality Control and Customer Service: Cummins manufacture all their products using strict quality control methods and guidelines in full compliance with national ISO, IEC, and GB/T standards. Besides providing quality assurance, warranties, and guarantee’s, they also provide a 24-hour after-sales service.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a contractor working on a project in a remote location or in the middle of the city, the right generator is vital to meet your backup power needs. If you’re looking for a Cummins supplier, chat with the team at PacB Group.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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