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A Business Generator Overcomes a South African Problematic Phenomenon

Sadly, it’s seldom “business as usual” if the supply of electrical power to your particular business and/or the area in which it’s located fails because the copper cables were stolen, something was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, a circuit breaker tripped, or something else that wasn’t maintained broke down.

Infamous Phenomenon

Alternatively, the power may be deliberately switched off for between two to four hours or longer during the not-so-new South African phenomenon – load shedding. Something that has gained an international reputation because of its crippling effect on this country’s citizens, visitors and tourists, businesses and economy.

When the demand for power exceeds what’s available, the entire national network could collapse. Such an event must be avoided at all costs. Consequently, the electricity supplier sheds the heavy load on or potential overload of its generating systems by cutting demand and implementing load shedding. On the other hand, businesses cannot afford to shed their responsibility to continue operating, while fully paid personnel sit back, idle, and unproductive.

Introducing a Business Generator

Without an alternative power source, such as a generator, with which to keep your business operating and functioning as normal and intended, you’re stuck, virtually at a standstill. Productivity ceases, profitability plummets, and a vicious cycle of misfortunes ensue.

If a power outage were to occur and the concern isn’t linked to a business generator with a UPS, important company information, records, and data may be irretrievably corrupted or lost forever – disastrous consequences for any company. It’s happened many times before and it can happen again, unless you’ve acquired a viable alternative, that important business generator.

Every modern, successful business utilises electronic aids that are designed to produce required results rapidly or instantly – mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart communication and IT technology. Specialised machinery and technology, much of it computerised, is used in factories, production and processing plants. All these sophisticated aids and many, many more tools, technologies, pieces of equipment and vitally important functions on which businesses rely, are powered by electricity.

Remote Locations

Enterprises which are located remotely, in areas without a connection to Eskom, are compelled to provide their own electrical power on a permanent basis. Once more, a business generator can save the day by providing the solution – independent power generation that’s directly under your control.

Such power-producing solutions may need a project approach and implementation, which presents no problems whatever for the specialised design and technical teams at PacB Group’s Power Project division. During the past decade, PacB Group has established a proud reputation in the industry, whilst the Group as a whole has additionally expanded its product range, as well as the scale and scope of our operations.

Expansion and Growth

It became necessary and fitting to introduce separate or sister companies to ensure that the quality of products and superior service levels were maintained, keeping pace with the Group’s growth and expansion. PacB was founded to manufacture, supply, service and repair large, diesel-powered generators and engine control panels for industrial or business electricity-generating purposes. These remain a core component of PacB’s operations, despite the addition of more and different/alternative power solutions and associated services.

Whether your larger project’s electricity generation solution requires the incorporation of a business or industrial generator, UPS units, a renewable energy source, and/or a combined alternative energy sources, PacB is here (or there, elsewhere in Africa) to help, assist, assess, recommend, install, commission as well as service and maintain your equipment thereafter.

PacB’s relevance to businesses and markets which we serve includes mines, hospitals, mobile phone towers, and residences. Members of the public and captains of commerce and industry are fed up of being without power and are determined to do something positive and concrete about their power supply – having a generator and superior alternative power solution installed to ensure that it does not affect their lives as much anymore.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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