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A Generator Is the Life Force

Generators today can provide you with a constant power supply or act as a standby source of power, and increasingly becoming a basic necessity for the home and workplace. When the lights do go out, the question is – do I try and establish the source of the outage (be it load shedding or otherwise), or do I rely on a generator and carry on as usual? Businesses that don’t acquire a generator will ultimately suffer financially versus those who ensure their survival by maintaining efficiency and productivity. You need to stay on top of your game.

Generator sales have rapidly increased over the last couple of years. With power utilities unable to commit to our everyday needs, either with scheduled load shedding or ageing infrastructure and unreliable electricity grids, it has become vital for business owners to keep production going, by having a generator installed.

Generators are becoming an essential requirement for both industrial purposes and personal use.

Production and manufacturing cannot afford breakdowns in energy supply, for any given period of time. PacB Power Solutions is renowned in the industry as a manufacturer of superior quality and will support your everyday needs. Our units boast comprehensive performance, and we can supply your business with a product that will perfectly suit your needs in even the most challenging situations. All our products are tested according to industry standards, ensuring that they comply with the SABS, guaranteeing better satisfaction and confidence.

With the national power grid failing regularly, consumers need to improvise and plan in order to keep their homes and businesses up and running. Load shedding is an unfortunate long-term reality. Energy supply remains unstable and the added demand for power stations to deliver is unmanageable and unsustainable. Without a generator to keep your business afloat, your livelihood may be in jeopardy, and your business may face an unpredictable future.

Every generator we supply is comprehensively tested and guaranteed with SABS accreditation. You simply can’t go wrong with PacB Power Solutions’ services.  Our generators are preferred across the board, whether for home or industrial use, mining, healthcare, commercial, agriculture and transportation. We’ve got you covered.

Meeting Deadlines with a Generator 

When businesses commit to a contract, they can’t afford to miss out on deadlines. If projects have scheduled completion dates, or deadlines for various stages of the project, then these need to be adhered to. However, when we experience power outages, those deadlines are compromised, materials can get damaged, and projects can come to a grinding halt. A power failure in any sector can result in serious complications such as loss of the production of goods, the loss of technical data and information, or even injury to workers on site.

Running an ice-cream factory as an example requires the mixing of ingredients including milk, cream, sugar, and flavourings. Once the mix is complete, it needs to immediately be frozen to avoid it from spoiling and turning sour. There’s only one solution to avoid financial loss, and that is by investing in a generator.

On a more serious note, think of a hospital with no power. Surgical procedures would stop midway, vaccines and other drugs would be compromised by a drop (or rise) in temperature, and patients relying on oxygen would be rendered helpless. Generators guarantee smooth sailing in a life-or-death situation.

The mining industry is another good example where a constant supply of power and clean compressed air is necessary for operations to succeed. At PacB Power Solutions, we offer generators that are health and safety compliant, ensuring that operations can continue running seamlessly and uninterrupted.

Choosing the Right Generator 

When considering buying a generator, it’s important to first determine its fuel source, whether it be petrol or diesel. Although both will get the job done, diesel generators are less noisy and a more efficient option. Diesel generators are widely used across the construction, mining, and healthcare sectors. They are easier to operate, require considerably less maintenance than petrol generators, and are rugged. They are also better suited for remote areas.

At PacB Power Solutions, we are proud of our achievements and the projects we have supported, from animal feed plants, export fruit production plants, oyster farms to hospitals and manufacturing plants. All projects required industrial generators to ensure a smooth-running operation, secured deadlines and quality products. For each of these projects our internationally qualified, experienced and dedicated NOSA-trained team members provided exemplary service, technical advice, and turnkey solutions. Every client has a different requirement. We consider the generator options that are best for the project in hand and then advise, design, customise, manufacture, install, complete generating solutions to international ISO 9001 quality standards and support at every level.

While large companies in sectors such as mining, manufacturing and agri-solutions have grown resilient to the burden of load shedding, small and medium-sized businesses are feeling the impact of the energy crisis. Some businesses feel they don’t have the necessary financial means to invest in a generator.  PacB Power Solutions can assist in advising on an alternative power supply that is affordable and that will help you keep your business running at full capacity.

There are many advantages to installing an industrial generator. Certain industries can’t rely on the country’s utility supplies and prefer to have a generator installed to offer a continuous power supply. Alternatively, some companies keep a generator as backup, a reassuring measure for those untimely and unexpected power cuts. This guarantees that, in the event of power loss, backup energy is immediately accessible, ensuring continued and uninterrupted production and manufacturing output. Standby generators cannot operate on a continuous basis. They are just that – a means to any emergency. However, they are a cost-effective solution for your business when the national power supply collapses.

Generators are the vital lifeforce of manufacturing plants, hospitals, outdoor events and construction sites. They keep operations going. With many people currently working from home due to COVID, they also keep the lights on, ensuring that the running of your household remains unaffected by power loss.

All our generator sales are tailor-made to suit the size of your business and its applications. Call us today for expert advice on our generator types and models on offer that will best suit your needs.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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