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An Axil UPS Offers Users Assured Protection Against Power Failures

For those of us who happen to be at home when a power outage strikes, the impact will mainly be one of inconvenience. We may miss a favourite TV show, or perhaps be forced to order in pizza or burgers and fries rather than sitting down to a balanced, healthy, home-cooked meal. However, monetary losses, should any occur, are likely to be minimal, and will probably be limited to some spoiled frozen foods. In the business world, however, were it not for the protection provided by an Axil UPS installation, just a few minutes without mains power could result in a financial disaster for some companies. For example, should a power outage occur while digital information is being processed by a bank, transaction and account details could be lost or become corrupted.

Beyond the world of business, the consequences could be far worse and even life-threatening. Imagine the possible outcome if, for instance, specialised medical equipment in an operating room or an intensive care unit should suddenly cease to function. If you think that is a frightening prospect, consider the implications of power failure in an air traffic control tower. In each case, an appropriate Axil UPS (uninterruptible power supply) installation could protect these operations from potential disasters.

Many industries employ backup generators to deal with such eventualities. Where there is advanced notice of an impending power cut, an automated control system can be programmed to perform a smooth transition from the mains supply to the power output of the generator. When the system detects that the mains supply is functional once more, it will switch seamlessly from backup source to mains power. Where an outage is unexpected, however, there will be a period without power while the necessary switching is performed either automatically or manually. Fortunately, this is an eventuality that, if potentially damaging, can easily be avoided by installing a suitable Axil UPS system.

As was seen earlier, the difference between simply having access to a backup power supply in the event of a power failure, and having a system in place that is designed to ensure the power is never interrupted, can often be critical.  Where this is the case, what are the available options?

Uninterruptible power supplies vary in their design and operation, and each offers the user its own particular level of protection. In locations, such as financial institutions and data centres, the main purpose of these units is to ensure that if the mains power fails, battery power will take over instantly and continue to keep things running until the battery is exhausted. In such situations, an Axil UPS system allows time for IT personnel to power down servers and PCs safely, without the risk of data loss or corruption.

Smaller units, which are suitable for home use, can provide backup power for those crucial few minutes needed to switch things off safely, while larger units are designed to continue operating for several hours. In some instances, however, it may be essential for machines to operate continuously. For such purposes, the inclusion of a generator to supply power to an Axil UPS installation offers users a means to extend the backup time of their system for an indefinite period.

There are three main categories of uninterruptible power supply. Of these, the on-line or parallel models, in which an inverter keeps the battery charged up, and which is permanently online, offer users the maximum protection. Line-interactive units act to smooth voltage fluctuations on the mains power line, activating an inverter to provide A/C output from the battery in the event of mains failure. Once restored, the inverter is used to recharge the battery. Finally, an off-line Axil UPS draws its power from the mains as available, switches to the battery instantly when a mains failure is detected, and reverts to recharging the battery once A/C power is restored.

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