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An Uninterrupted Power Supply is an Essential Part of Power Backup

The acronym for an uninterrupted power supply is UPS. Most people use the acronym, but the full name more accurately describes its primary function. An uninterrupted power supply is an electrical device designed to supply emergency power to connected equipment in the event of a regular power source (usually grid) failure. UPS units find widespread application in powering computers, servers, networking equipment, medical equipment, and other delicate electronic devices during power outages. They may also serve as power-conditioning systems because they provide protection against fluctuations in grid voltage and frequency, as well as other electrical disturbances like power spikes and dips.

Typically, an uninterrupted power supply is meant to sustain connected loads for a relatively brief period, usually, long enough to provide time for a diesel generator to be started, the grid to be restored, or its quality to improve. In certain cases, uninterrupted power supply systems may be employed to provide temporary power to sensitive equipment while a solar inverter switches over to battery. Most solar inverters do not provide the instant handover that uninterrupted power supplies provide. By utilising an uninterrupted power supply, connected equipment can continue operating seamlessly without any interruptions or data loss.

An uninterrupted power supply offers numerous benefits and plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable power supply for various applications.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply is Extremely Flexible

UPS units are available in various sizes and capacities, catering to diverse needs and applications. They range from compact units designed for applications from single computers to robust, large-scale systems suitable for commercial and industrial use. Depending on their application and type, units are equipped with built-in features like surge protection, voltage regulation, and automatic shutdown capabilities to ensure the safety of connected devices. In environments where a consistent power supply is paramount, UPS systems are an indispensable part of any backup power solution. Their ability to offer seamless power transitions, surge protection, and data integrity makes them an essential investment for anyone relying on critical electronic systems. The amount of battery capacity provided with an uninterrupted power supply can be varied to suit the duration in time that the total load needs to be powered for.

Always On

An uninterrupted power supply offers uninterrupted power continuity to connected equipment during power outages or disruptions in the main power source. This ensures that critical systems and devices remain operational even in adverse circumstances. The electrical design of most uninterrupted power supply systems means that sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and servers, experience no fluctuations in electrical power from sudden grid failures or poor grid quality that could lead to data corruption or losses. The frequent on-and-off power cycles that South African businesses experience due to load-shedding cause potentially damaging power dips and spikes that easily damage more sensitive electrical equipment. An uninterrupted power supply allows these devices to be shut down in a controlled manner or for a smooth transfer to an alternative backup power source. When the main power supply is interrupted, an uninterrupted power supply seamlessly switches to battery power, avoiding any disruption, interruption, or downtime for connected devices. This is particularly important for mission-critical systems and applications.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply as a Power-Conditioning System

An uninterrupted power supply provides “clean” power to loads free from surges, dips, fluctuations, and voltage irregularities. Many UPS units act as a line of defence against power surges, voltage fluctuations, and various other electrical disturbances. They stabilise and condition the incoming power, protecting connected equipment from potential damage caused by poor quality, irregular power supply. By providing clean and stable power, they help extend the lifespan of electronic devices. Unstable power may cause stress to sensitive components, which in turn, may lead to premature equipment failure. Systems that provide power conditioning may help reduce the electrical noise and interference caused by poor power quality, benefiting sensitive audio, video, and computer networking equipment.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply Enhances Productivity

Businesses and individuals that rely heavily on electronic devices in their daily operations can continue operations as usual or stop critical processes in a controlled manner. With an uninterrupted power supply in place, productivity remains largely unaffected, and the costs of sudden process interruption are avoided. In some cases, users can continue working even during power outages. Many modern UPS units come with remote monitoring and management features that allow users to remotely track the system’s status, including battery health and power usage, amongst others. This feature allows for proactive maintenance and timely replacement of the batteries, should this become necessary. This further improves productivity by eliminating unscheduled power issues.

An Uninterrupted Power and the Environment

Modern UPS systems have evolved to become more and more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Advanced models offer energy-saving features like high-efficiency modes and intelligent power management, reducing overall energy consumption. Using a modern system protects the environment by reducing the production of electronic waste caused by poor-power-quality-related equipment failures. Modern uninterrupted power supply units are almost entirely recyclable.

Experts in Power Supply Systems and UPSes

At PacB, we stand at the forefront of the power-generation industry, providing a comprehensive range of power solutions, including diesel generators, renewable energy alternatives, and uninterrupted power supplies. The ideal combination of a UPS and genset sets the benchmark for uninterrupted power, guaranteeing seamless, clean, and stable electrical supply for any electrically powered equipment. For a power system of any scale, make PacB your partner of choice.

We offer a wide selection, from compact 1 kVA units to utility-scale devices. As proud suppliers of the highly regarded MAKELSAN product range, we can cater for any application where an uninterrupted power supply is required. Our expertise extends to the design and supply of bespoke tandem systems, custom-designed and engineered to customer specifications.

MAKELSAN UPS systems incorporate cutting-edge online-double conversion technology and deliver the highest level of power protection. Their efficient and reliable operation is achieved through the implementation of IGBT PWM rectifier & inverter technology and DSP Control. Modern design means that MAKELSAN systems use the minimum amount of energy possible, promoting class-leading energy efficiency. The range boasts exceptional efficiency ratings of up to 93% and can be seamlessly adapted as frequency converters. These systems are equipped with advanced battery management, allowing unlimited parallel modules and flexible battery configuration to cater to specific site requirements with unlimited adaptability.

Despite their high performance, MAKELSAN units feature a compact footprint and are designed for easy maintenance. They are equipped with advanced communication capabilities, including an SNMP card and AS400, ensuring seamless compatibility with generators and easy integration into existing setups. Moreover, these units are equipped with short circuit, neutral, and overload protection, as well as static and manual bypass operation, ensuring comprehensive safety.

To facilitate system monitoring and diagnostics, MAKELSAN UPS systems are equipped with a 500-event, real-time log with detailed parameters, providing comprehensive power protection for critical applications. With these remarkable features and technology, MAKELSAN UPS systems stand as a reliable and versatile solution for ensuring an uninterrupted and reliable power supply.

The MAKELSAN range of UPS systems are class-leading and the range includes units to suit any application. We provide units from 1 kVA to 800 kVA in size. Contact us today if you need a UPS.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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