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To Avoid a Costly Capital Purchase, Consider Generator Rental

The British scientist, Michael Faraday, first perfected the basics of generating electricity during the early 1830s. Released from dependence upon chemical batteries, and no longer limited to the telegraph office, the demand for electrical power, both by industry and individuals, has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. In 1870, America developed the first commercial power station and, with it, the birth of a new era that is now thought of as the second industrial revolution. Many industries and commercial operations now rely on power produced by their own generators, while others have found that a rental arrangement can be more convenient than ownership.

Naturally, the more power a business consumes, the more it will owe to the municipality responsible for supplying it. This, in combination with other factors, such as an excessively high demand, or the need for guaranteed continuity of supply, has prompted many large-scale consumers to produce their own power. In addition, those such as mining companies that must frequently operate in regions remote from the national supply network, have no other option.

For the larger enterprise, the cost of purchasing a number of units may be easily met from its capital budget but, for those with more modest balance sheets, the alternative could be a generator rental. In practice, this is an option that, especially if sourced with care, can provide a number of valuable benefits. The most obvious of these is the option to avoid a capital purchase that might also involve finance charges and, instead, to meet the relatively modest monthly leasing payments from the company’s operating budget instead. This holds true regardless of where it may have been sourced.

Given the pivotal role of a genset and the extent to which the productivity of a company is dependent upon it, there are a number of good reasons to choose with care when deciding the best supplier with which to arrange your generator rental. In South Africa, the PacB Group includes PacB Power Solutions, a company with a well-established reputation as a designer and manufacturer of world-class diesel gensets. Its technical staff members are all NOSA-trained, and the division operates in full conformity with the terms of the ISO 9001 Standards.

In keeping with its insistence upon service excellence in support of those who purchase its products, the division has extended the same policy to those who make use of its generator rental facility. Accordingly, those who elect to use this facility can look forward to a number of benefits that other suppliers
might be more inclined to reserve exclusively for those of their clients who purchase a genset.

For instance, should you require the unit for use on a number of construction sites; it may be mounted on a trailer for ease of portability. Whether free-standing or trailer-mounted, all are supplied with 3-phase and single plugs and can include an automatic changeover panel where this may be a requirement. Also, all rental generators from the PacB Group are silent-running, with ambient noise levels of less than 75 dB at 7 m; all safety gear and signage is included. Furthermore, the team is always on tap if you should happen to need some on-site help.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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