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Choosing Generator Rental: An Alternative Approach for Businesses

Acquiring a generator for business use? The dilemma is whether to opt for generator rental or pursue an outright purchase. The decision-making process now extends beyond motor vehicles and office equipment to include equipment for companies operating in the challenging South African power-supply environment. Continuous, reliable power supply is becoming a thing of the past due to the struggles faced by our national electricity provider, Eskom.

Years of mismanagement, corruption, and poor, or no, maintenance have resulted in frequent power failures, with failing equipment causing extended interruptions. The utility’s generation fleet is often unable to meet national demand, making scheduled outages (load-shedding) a common occurrence. The frequency and duration of load-shedding is on the rise, so to counteract the negative impact and cost of grid outages, many businesses find themselves compelled to secure backup power.


The Case for Generator Rental

Opting for generator rental may present a viable alternative to outright purchase of a unit, whether financed or paid for in cash. Several companies provide generator rental services, offering terms ranging from as short as a day to long-term agreements. This option may prove to be a cost-effective and flexible solution for fulfilling a business’s backup power needs, but the decision will depend on the specific company‚Äôs financial situation and power requirements. Generator rental not only supports cash flow for businesses but also streamlines budgeting by minimising the necessity for a substantial initial capital investment. Rental allows working capital to be conserved for alternative purchases or projects aimed at generating additional income.

Acquiring a generator through outright cash purchase introduces complexities in accurately calculating the real total cost of ownership as it requires consideration of factors such as depreciation, currency fluctuations, and replacement cycles. In contrast, generator rental offers businesses the advantage of precise budgeting throughout the rental agreement’s duration. Many reputable companies providing generator rental services include advanced remote monitoring for their machines. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses renting multiple generators deployed across different sites as it enhances operational oversight and efficiency.

Generator rental companies often offer rates that compete favourably with the total cost of ownership of buying a generator, especially when considering factors like maintenance and repairs. An outright purchase entails not only the initial capital outlay but also requires budget allocation for ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and repairs. Unexpected costs for ad hoc technical support and repairs may arise in the case of malfunctions and breakdowns.

Generator rental typically encompasses maintenance and repair services, ensuring peace of mind with guaranteed power supply continuity. The straightforward monthly payment structure of rental facilitates easy budgeting and eliminates the possibility of unforeseen, ad hoc, generator-related expenses. Generator rental also provides considerable flexibility. If a company’s required generator capacity changes, on-site units can be easily swapped out for units with different capacities. This eliminates the inconvenience of finding a buyer for the redundant unit and finding capital for a new one. If a business relocates to premises with a different electrical articulation and different demand for power, the rented unit can either be moved or changed for a unit that meets the new requirement. In times of trying, unpredictable economic conditions, the ability to upsize or downsize the generator, if necessary, becomes a significant argument in favour of rental.


Generator Rental for Owners of Generators

Generator rental may be an option even for companies that already own a generator. Having a reliable generator rental company on the supplier list in case of a catastrophic failure of the in-house unit is a prudent step. In times of high demand for generator rental units, having an existing relationship may give you priority. Generator failures often happen at the least convenient times. In the event of an incident rendering the on-site unit inoperable, an interim genset can be rented to ensure the continuity of business activities. This type of generator rental enables seamless company operations, preventing a complete shutdown and mitigating the resulting financial losses. If the company experiences a short-term requirement for additional capacity, for a large, once off project, for instance, a rental unit can provide the extra power and then be returned at the end of the project.


Considerations when Selecting a Generator Rental

The initial step consideration when renting a generator is determining what type of unit you require. This involves a comprehensive assessment of the intended use of the unit. Is the power supply for electronic devices such as computers and TVs or for heavy machinery and large electric motor start up? Electronic devices need high-quality power with a stable current and minimal voltage peaks. In such cases, an inverter-type unit is recommended, as it provides a consistent current with minimal voltage fluctuation. However, it’s important to note that an inverter generator may not meet the demands of heavy machinery. For more industrial applications, a robust generator with the capacity to handle the inrush current demands of electric motors becomes essential.

Once the type of generator required has been established, the next consideration is its capacity. This involves totaling the power requirements of all devices or equipment that will draw power from the genset, which will provide the absolute minimum capacity needed. It is advisable to incorporate some additional allowance on top of the total obtained to prevent the unit from operating at its maximum capacity 100% of the time.

Secondary considerations include the type of fuel the generator will run on, typically narrowing down to a choice between petrol or diesel. Obviously, if a fuel type is unavailable at the intended site, the choice is made out of necessity. In general, diesel is the conventional fuel for generators, especially when they exceed a certain size. Petrol-powered units are typically smaller and more portable.

Careful consideration of these factors ensures the selection of a generator that aligns with the specific application and what the intended use demands. Getting the type, size, and fuel right maximises efficiency and reliability during the rental period.


Seek Expert Guidance

When it comes to renting generators, especially in the commercial and industrial size range, it is crucial to engage with a specialist who can provide the right unit and right advice for your needs. PacB stands out as a manufacturer of high-quality, large, three-phase diesel generators, boasting a proven track record of technical excellence and superior service. Our generator rental services offer optimal technical solutions at competitive costs, accompanied by superior service. We draw from extensive experience with a diverse installation base of commercial and industrial generators, enabling us to assist customers in making well-informed decisions tailored to their specific environments.

This includes a comprehensive assessment of the existing electrical installation to ensure that the unit is appropriately sized and configured for site-specific requirements. All PacB generator rental units come equipped with three- and single-phase plugs, automatic changeover panels, necessary safety gear, and signage. They feature silent-run enclosures, guaranteeing noise levels of less than 75dB(A) at a distance of 7m. Additionally, units can be trailer-mounted if required. Our technical team is always available for on-site assistance, ensuring ongoing support for our units. Contact us today for a reliable source of electrical power.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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