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Commercial Generator Hire – An Economical and Temporary Power Solution


Most people who attend agricultural shows or music concerts held in a field or a park – some distance from the nearest habitation – will probably have given little thought to how the organisers made provision for an electrical source to power lighting, amplifiers, and similar equipment. With no mains sockets on hand to plug into, the power needs to be produced on site. Most event companies, however, will choose not to purchase a commercial generator but to hire one instead.

It is a decision that makes sound economic sense, given that most of the events these companies are hired to manage tend to be held in permanent venues such as arenas and exhibition halls, where mains power is available with the flick of a switch. Why then would they wish to invest in the purchase of a capital item that is likely to remain idle for 10 months or more during their business year, while its value continues to depreciate? The initial purchase cost, however, is far from being the only expense associated with ownership. Unless one elects to hire a commercial generator, there are certain be additional operating costs such as insurance, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, and eventual replacement. By contrast, none of these hidden costs of ownership will be of concern to a company, should they decide to lease this kind of equipment.

Rock concerts and outdoor trade shows are not the only situations in which it may be necessary to provide an auxiliary power source. It has become increasingly popular for couples to hold their wedding ceremonies and receptions on a beach or at a favourite natural location. On these occasions, a wedding planner will probably arrange commercial generator hire for those few times during a year when they are required to provide their services without access to mains electricity.

Even individuals sometimes need access to a temporary power source. Maybe a family has an older home that needs rewiring, which will leave it without mains power for several days. During that time, a hired genset could allow them to remain on the premises without too much inconvenience, rather than staying with friends or booking rooms in a hotel. Commercial generator hire could also be a great idea for a family that is planning to spend a few weeks travelling around the country in a motorhome. Having the means to top up their leisure battery will allow them to remain in a remote spot as long as they like, safe in the knowledge that they will not run out of power.

Construction companies frequently have their own gensets but there can be times when they may need an extra unit to take on an unexpected but lucrative out-of-town project. Once again, a purchase makes no sense, given that the need is a temporary one and the cost of a commercial generator hire will be far less.


The Benefits of Hiring

In these and similar situations, the benefits of hiring the equipment, as opposed to buying it, are numerous and together, they form a compelling reason to favour the former. Once the decision has been made, however, it will be important to determine what type of unit will be required and to ensure renting it from a dependable source. Fortunately, should the machine you select prove unsuitable for your task, another advantage of commercial generator hire is that it can simply be exchanged for a more appropriate unit.

When the hired unit is your sole source of electrical power, you need to be 100% certain that you can rely on its performance. The PacB Group specialises in innovative power solutions, including commercial generator hire. Each silent-running machine is fully serviced before delivery and is supplied with 3-phase and single plugs. If required, it can also be trailer-mounted and the PacB team is always ready to assist.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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