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Commercial Generators are the Unsung Heroes in Many Businesses

In the heydays of Thomas Edison and his arch-rival Nikola Tesla, electricity was regarded as a miracle by most, and even as a manifestation of witchcraft by some. However, this convenient flow of electrons, and the many facilities it now enables, tend to be taken for granted in an age where space flight, organ transplants, and instant global communications are commonplace.

The transformation from gas to electric street lighting, and the subsequent construction of large-scale power stations began a revolution that continues in the present day. Even when power stations fail, and commercial generators take over their task, apart from their owners, few will be aware of the crucial role they often play.

In any big city, and especially in those popular with tourists, the hospitality industry is certain to be an important contributor to the local economy. In addition to providing important services, hotels and restaurants contribute millions of Rands to government coffers that are essential to fund public services, such as healthcare, education, and transportation. However, should the mains power fail for any reason, at best, hotel guests and diners could experience some inconvenience while, in some cases, their safety might actually be jeopardised. Fortunately, most of these facilities now install commercial generators to provide emergency power, given the frequency of power outages.

When suddenly plunged into total darkness, human beings often react by panicking, and in a crowded environment, panic can have serious consequences. Wherever people tend to gather in large numbers, such as in cinemas, theatres, shopping malls, and places of worship, electricity cuts pose a serious safety threat. Given the currently limited reserves of power resulting from a vast increase in demand that has outstripped the production capacity of the national service provider, the use of commercial generators in such premises is no longer just some handy-to-have, optional extra, but it has now become an essential safety measure.

Where their use may not be practical, some innovative alternatives have been introduced, For example, it is now possible to construct street lights and traffic robots that employ low-wattage light-emitting diodes, and draw their electricity from photovoltaic cells. This setup ensures that both types of installation will continue to operate in the event of a power cut. Obviously, such measures are impractical for indoor use and, although energy-efficient lighting is helping to keep costs down and ease pressure on supplies, the need for commercial generators remains and will continue to do so, at least until Eskom’s generating capacity and distribution network are able to adequately satisfy the escalating power demands from the nation’s consumers.

Even if this were to happen, the high frequency and intensity of electrical storms, especially in the Highveld region, will continue to threaten interruptions due to lightning damage, and so, the need for a reliable source of backup power will also continue. Many of South Africa’s homes now rely on emergency power from a more compact, petrol-driven version of the larger and more powerful diesel-powered generators that are normally installed on commercial premises.

These units vary in their capabilities. In some cases, a unit in which the switch to emergency power must be performed manually may be adequate, while in more critical situations, there are models that are able to handle the transition automatically, providing continuity with the aid of an uninterruptible power supply, until the genset is fully operational. To cater for planned outages, a control panel can be programmed to make the switch, just prior to mains failure, and reverse the process soon after it is restored.

To ensure the safety and convenience of your patrons, and to conserve the reputation and efficiency of your business, a dependable power supply is essential. The best way to guarantee both is to invest in one of the world-class commercial generators, expertly configured to meet your needs by a professional from the PacB Group of companies.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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