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What to Consider Before You Hire a Generator for Your Industrial or Commercial Setup

Electricity is required for any type of industrial operation. The amount of power needed, however, differs from on operational setup to another. Without power, the business will lose production and income. Whether businesses operate in retail, office, or industrial setups, backup power for in case power interruptions is essential. Before a business can hire a generator, it must consider its power supply requirements, but various other factors must also be considered.

A brief look at the factors to consider when you want to hire a generator for your business provides insight regarding the importance of working with expert consultants to help determine what will work best for your operations and environment.

Purpose – Standby or Permanent

You hire a generator with a particular purpose in mind, but do you need it for permanent use or as backup power? If it is permanent, you want to a hire a generator relevant to the operational requirements of your particular industry, and able to handle the power load for long stretches at a time. If it is for standby purposes, the generator you hire will usually only carry the emergency power load. As such, it can have a lower power output. For permanent use, you must hire one that is powerful and durable enough for ongoing operation.

How Much Power Is Needed

There is no magic formula for calculating power requirements for all industries. Your business may operate in an environment where you need large power resources. On the other end of the scale, your operations may need less power, but consistency is important. For residential use, it is a straightforward formula, but when it comes to industrial or commercial power requirements, the calculation becomes more complex. The power requirements can be so low that you can calculate the supply requirements in kilowatts, or it can be tremendous, requiring measurement in megawatts. It is thus highly recommended to work with professionals from a trusted manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial generators to help you determine what the power requirements are before you hire a generator.

Where the Generator Will Operate

The operational environment is important as it also affects the fuel supply needed. If you need to hire a generator for a remote construction camp in the bush, where power supply must be sufficient to support a kitchen, geysers, offices, recreation, and lighting, you want a unit that will be fuel-efficient. Keep in mind that the fuel volume needed to run such powerful generators is high. In this regard, you want to hire a diesel generator set, as diesel is easier to get in remote areas. At the same time, you want an economical unit, but it must still be powerful enough to meet the load requirement. Diesel generators are well-suited to places where low temperatures are experienced, but work just as well in areas where the average temperatures are high.

Maintenance Inclusion in Hire Deal

When you hire a generator, you probably do not have a technician and the spare parts at hand to manage all the generator’s maintenance requirements. Hire a generator from a supplier offering refuelling assistance, such as PacB Group, who has a fleet of refuelling vehicles. In addition, you can sign a service level agreement for inspections, general servicing, and maintenance. Generators used in commercial and industrial setups work hard and are subjected to harsh conditions. Wear and tear goes with the territory. Regular changing of oil and filters and other maintenance are essential. Having the assurance that such maintenance can be included in the hire package will give you the confidence to use the generator for the purpose for which you hire it.

Do not risk loss of production because you do not have the right power source when needed. Hire a generator set from us and benefit from professional assistance, warranties, service, and maintenance agreements, as well as refuelling and monitoring assistance.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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