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Diesel Generators are Fundamental to Industrialisation

As the global demand for energy increases daily, there are huge challenges that face our industries. Many first-world countries are in a position to cope with ever-growing energy demands brought on by global industrialisation. Most of the developing countries face enormous challenges and are unable to meet the energy demands necessary for their various production methods. Africa is one such continent facing massive hurdles in achieving its goals of becoming properly industrialised, efficient, and productive. Industrialisation is a costly exercise that draws on huge capital investments and experience. A stable electricity supply with sufficient capacity is desperately required for industrial development and for economies to be able to grow. Stable electricity supplies are not always readily available on the African continent.

Industrialisation can considerably reduce poverty and unemployment rates. Many African countries are in dire need of industrialisation and modernisation to assist with their economic challenges. Diesel generators are key to assisting various sectors in becoming more productive and have modern energy production.

PacB Power Solutions are happy to assist. As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial diesel generators, we can advise on what is needed to help businesses and industries achieve effective and efficient output and production levels, and overcome any challenges that would otherwise exist.

Where are Diesel Generators Used

Industrial diesel generators are used across many industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, agricultural, commercial operations and the mining sector. Mining operations draw a large amount of energy with their heavy industrial equipment such as machines for quarrying, large cranes, and cutting tools. Diesel generators are always the first option, and PaB Power Solutions is the first company you should call.

PacB Power Solutions is renowned as a manufacturer for our superior, quality industrial diesel generators, unbeatable and uninterrupted power supplies, cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and reliable rental services.

Why Choose a Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are highly reliable and simple, requiring fairly low maintenance. They are durable and hardwearing, allowing them to be used in far-reaching areas that are not easily accessible.

Diesel generators are the number one option for many as they are portable and can be easily used in remote regions with extreme conditions. They are the preferred choice as their power source and capacity are ideal for heavy industrial operations. Production and investigation of gas and oil plants take time and serious planning. Many of these sites are isolated and have poor access. Diesel generators facilitate the smooth running of operations in otherwise challenging conditions where, being far away from power grids, exploratory work is near to impossible.

Diesel is far less volatile than petrol or gas, making it a far safer option to use in mining operations. Diesel is easy to transport and safe to store on site. There are no concerns of sparks igniting the diesel, making diesel generators the preferred choice from a safety point of view.

They are also far more cost-effective fuel-wise compared to gas options. Diesel generators burn at a much cooler temperature than their gas counterparts, and therefore have a longer life span.

The Demand for Energy Surpasses What Can Be Provided

The demand for energy is expanding exponentially and millions of people rely on access to modern energy fuels.  While more than 50% of the world’s population have access to these energy resources, many are still left without. The need for diesel generators becomes more significant by the day.

Commercial industries need to make money and ensure cost-effective and efficient production. South Africa has been facing rolling blackouts and unplanned electricity grid failures and desperately needs an alternative, more reliable source of energy to keep our businesses running efficiently. Whenever we incur a blackout or load shedding, our productivity lessens and brings businesses to a grinding halt.  Operations shut down with immediate effect and computer data can easily disappear. These losses in time and generated income can have a disastrous impact on the economy, and your business.

The ramifications of load shedding and power loss are huge, but they can be mitigated with the installation of backup diesel generators which will become the best investment you ever make keeping your business alive.

If you’re familiar with the manufacturing industry, you will know that one small glitch in the process chain can be disastrous. You might have a set process that involves heat treatment, glueing, melting, or bending, with a set timeframe for the processes to complete. A loss in power can delay your schedule, and materials could get easily spoiled, unable to be used again. The volume of production drops, targets aren’t met, customer trust wains, quality is compromised, and orders are cancelled. An inevitable chain of events unless you consider a diesel generator as backup.

Industrial diesel generators provide emergency power supply during blackouts and can protect manufacturing sectors from enormous financial losses. Protect your livelihood, whether it be in manufacturing, healthcare, agricultural commercial operations, or mining. Reliable, always available backup power with seamless switchover during electricity failures is crucial to ensure stable and uninterrupted operations. PacB Power Solutions are here to assist and evaluate your needs for the most effective diesel generator solution for your business.

Install a diesel generator today and protect your business and livelihood. An almost guarantee of efficient and uninterrupted work service, reduced wastage and ongoing productivity.

The Services of PacB Power Solutions    

We proudly offer an extensive range of high-powered reliable diesel generators, ranging from 10kVA to 2500kVA individual units and up to and including 6000kVA when synchronising, that will suit your needs:

  • We can design and manufacture an integrated solution specifically tailor-made for your power needs
  • We refurbish generators to suit your specifications
  • We buy second-hand diesel generators
  • We advise on technical specifications to suit industrial use
  • We can service and repair

We can offer support and advise you on all of your power requirements. Call us today for a quote.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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