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Diesel Generators Run Our World

It might prove to be, in this mess that Eskom has created, that diesel generators are only filling in for renewable energy solutions, green solutions that are only now showing legitimate, competitive performance. It might be so indeed, but thank the stars that we have diesel technology, as well as the generator technology that nowadays seemingly so effortlessly stands in when the power goes off. In fact, if anything, generator technology has become an exacting field of expertise in South Africa, as our adversity has compelled us to reach to the highest levels for solutions. From somewhat boxy- and clunky-looking machines decades ago, modern diesel generators can now make even sports car designers’ eyes light up.

The technology at play in diesel generators might fundamentally be the same as it always was, but our ability to render it as a far higher performing solution, in far sleeker outfits, is obvious to anyone who has seen the rise of the diesel generator here at home. Perhaps not unfamiliar to farmers and assorted industrial players, diesel generators today are known right down to the consumer level.

Remember when malls would put signs out saying they will be open even during load shedding? That was years ago, and today, the modern diesel generator is so ubiquitous and successful in application, that we just go to the mall whenever we like. We know they will be open and on and we know why – somewhere on the premises, a diesel generator or several are humming away, keeping the lights and power on. It is testament to how successfully diesel generators have enabled South African life, and it is hard to imagine where we would be without them.

Power is Nothing Without Control

Establishing the extent of use and, therefore, the build requirements of diesel generators, is the first step in powering up on demand, and installation is the second. All that sleek modern technology needs a control solution, however, one that also meets a client’s needs of operation. The user interface on the average modern diesel generator has become smarter and more user friendly, and when it comes to industrial generators, the control panel can be a detailed smorgasbord delivering tailored information on the machine’s performance as per a client’s desires. Apart from the basic stop-start functions that are mandatory on the control panel, a host of detailed information can be displayed too.

Perhaps most importantly, the control panel can indicate needed service or repairs, and also flag unusual and perhaps repeated operating conditions. This kind of electrical intelligence will be familiar to anyone driving a modern sedan. Today’s cars are often similarly equipped and able to deliver data to the owner based on a sophisticated network of sensors and intelligent analysis. In diesel generators, as in modern cars, noteworthy changes during operation are flagged by electrical signal. Such electrical intelligence is not designed to inhibit, but rather to complement human control, keeping the machine within optimum operational parameters, and warning the owners of potentially debilitating issues that might appear on the horizon. The notion of machines adjusting their performance based on an internal feedback loop is also nothing new. Thousands of suburban applications exist in the form of lights, doors, and even escalators. In the case of modern diesel generators, the intel a control panel can enable is no less sophisticated than that of the modern luxury sedan.

The Intelligence of the Modern Diesel Generator

Increasing in complexity as legitimate intel is prioritised, diesel generators’ control panels tie into one or more microprocessors that both read and instruct activities within the generator. Just like a car, temperature monitoring is obligatory, as is oil pressure. Whatever the signal sent by the generator to the microprocessor, it can both flag the issue as a display on the control panel, as well as take predetermined actions to resolve whatever issue is at hand. Typically, a control panel can shut down operation in the event of potentially catastrophic issues being flagged, something that saves a lot of loss and heartache at times. Control panels are also the brains of diesel generators responsible for starting the generator whenever the power goes off. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the actual component of the control panel that ensures the continuity of power supply. We have all seen how a generator kicks in suddenly as Eskom fails, at retail and other premises all over. That is the transfer switch in action, and but one of the smart functions driven by modern control panels.

For diligent operation, supervisors can access a constant digital readout of relevant intel on the control panel, and smart modern panels can incorporate very specific displays based on individual clients’ requirements. Custom message options are easily incorporated into modern diesel generators. Running time is another needed snippet of information gathered by the control panel, and it guides service and maintenance schedules. The control panel is typically fully integrated and mounted on the generator itself, but in certain more benign locales, the panel might be mounted adjacent to the machine for ease of use. A lot of design goes into the control panel, and its prime purpose is to facilitate the user experience. Whether it is flagging overheating or an upcoming repair, the control panel is all about the smooth long-term operation of the generator, by displaying needed information and performing control tasks behind the scenes while the machine is running.

PacB is Diesel Generator Technology at Its Best

PacB diesel generators and accompanying control panels are rated top in South Africa, and that is because we have made diesel generators our field of expertise. We build exceptional machines that give our clients the performance they expect, yet so few others ever attain. More than that, our control panels are known to be top-tier instrumentation, able to induce a feeling of familiarity and ease of use for operators. That might not seem so important, but just work with a laptop with one faulty key for even a week, and you will understand how important the final touches on control panels can be. No experience is optimum without the information that you need, and we build smart machines that keep supplying relevant intel for smooth long-term operation.

Call on us first when results count, because we are the kind of company that invests in your successful outcomes. We are proud of our diesel generators and their electronic intelligence, and we go to great lengths to tailor installations to suit our clients’ desires. Call us, mail us, or send up smoke signals, but come to us first when you are looking for the best in diesel generators, new or used.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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