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Generator Installation is Easy with the Right Know-How

Generators are becoming more prevalent as businesses and households aim to protect themselves from load shedding and unexpected electricity outages. When a normal household, or even industrial appliances are running at full capacity it ensures productivity and peace of mind. However, there is a lot more to consider when installing a generator to guarantee the continued operations of your home or business.

Selecting a Generator

Selecting the right generator for your intended needs and environment may seem daunting. As a result, having to consider petrol or diesel-run units, generation capacity, manual or electric start, backup or standby functionality –  all aspects need careful consideration and investigating. For this reason it is best to get professional advice. There are also safety and environmental regulations to consider from national, local and even community levels, with many guidelines and protocols that need to be adhered to. Then there is the cost: a diesel generator can be a significant investment and if you get it wrong, the cost implications can increase rapidly. It is important to get it right the first time. PacB offers you all the necessary advice and expertise to ensure you get exactly what you need, with no costly mistakes along the way.

Safety Comes First: Selecting the Correct Equipment is Paramount

Installations that do not comply with safety regulations pose an immediate threat. Non-compliance to safety regulations can result in injury to personnel, damage to property and equipment, prosecution, and denied insurance claims. Backup generator installations are separate from the electrical system of your business or household and are kept separate from grid connections and are manually switched over when necessary.

Standby generator electrical systems are connected to your current electrical system and automatically switch on when the incoming grid power is lost. Standby installations need to adhere to local regulations regarding connecting generation equipment to the grid and need to be installed by a professionally-certified installer such as PacB Power Solutions. Our technicians are internationally qualified, experienced and dedicated, offering exceptional advice and turnkey solutions. Safety is at the forefront of our minds and we take into consideration our clients’ needs and all safety recommendations.  We generate solutions to international ISO 9001 quality standards on every project, no matter how big or small.

Underperforming generators will get damaged when overloaded. The equipment and machinery that is connected to the generator will also incur damage, sometimes irreparable. This may result in electrical fires which in turn can lead to property damage and injury to personnel. The type of equipment connected to the generator must be accounted for. Electric motors and transformers can have an inrush current almost double their load current and must be factored in when sizing your generator. If the generator has not been correctly sized for this, voltage and frequency dips will occur and cause problems with other equipment that are sensitive to voltage and frequency dips.

Sizing for Efficiency and Flexibility

All business’s power requirements vary considerably, and some are more critical than others for processes and manufacturing to continue uninterrupted.  Modular generation units provide a high level of redundancy and flexibility. Several modulator generator units running in parallel and managed by a suitable control system can power up and down additional generator units as the power requirements demand. This results in fuel savings, redundancy, and more flexible maintenance without having to keep the generator power completely offline.

The power supplied by today’s diesel generators is designed to be as efficient as possible at optimal power generation versus its fuel consumption ratio. The efficiency of the diesel generator is normally achieved at the higher end of the power output. Running below the designed load capacity for extended periods results in a problem called “wet stacking” where soot builds up in the exhaust system due to unburned fuel which results in clogged injectors, and carbon build-up on the exhaust valves, turbocharger and exhaust. This in turn results in increased maintenance and lower fuel efficiency, causing higher and unnecessary expenditure. To prevent this, it is preferable to operate two smaller capacity diesel generators with the option of shutting down the one during low load demand, rather than one large capacity generator running at low loads.

Management and control systems provide labour efficient control of onsite power generation by providing an automated stop-start of the generators, as well as displaying any performance issue or fuel level warnings. The ability to provide historical, analytical data is essential when troubleshooting problems.  This information is used when looking at generator installations to better understand the situation and needs of the operation.

The intended application for which the generator will be used, will affect the generator’s size. If the generator is to be permanently installed in one position and the plot space and load demand are sufficient and constant, a large generator footprint is acceptable. However, if the generator is used in portable or fluctuating load demand, sizing for easy transport and optimal load output should be considered.

Let Us Handle Your Generator Installation

PacB Power Solutions have the expertise and qualifications to walk you through the entire process of generator installation, from design to implementation, to maintenance and monitoring. Our services include manufacturing of complete generating units of most reputable brands, manufacturing of complete synchronised modular systems, design and manufacturing of specialised systems, manufacturing of customised engine control panels and electrical change-over panels for the generating industry. Our dedicated and well-trained team are NOSA-trained and operate in terms of international ISO 9001 quality standards.

PacB Power Solutions can also provide you with installation and commissioning services for any diesel generator system even if it has not been manufactured by ourselves. PacB Power Solutions products installed and commissioned by PacB Power Solutions come with an additional six-month warranty.

PacB Power Solutions offer spares and maintenance support, as well as after-hours support to clients, ensuring smooth and continuously-running operations, 24/7 refuelling service to clients with unique requirements, service level agreements with the option of remote monitoring and control from their monitoring centre, mimic panel in an office or via an app on your smartphone, ensuring that you are fully supported at all times.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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