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When Buying a Generator, Choosing the Right Manufacturer is Important

Even in the tougher economic climate of today, consumers still tend to retain a degree of brand consciousness. We recognise that some names have been around for a while, and have gained a reputation for the quality of their products and services. It is only natural that, because most consumers seek such assurances, we will endeavour to afford established brands wherever possible. Given the extent to which we depend upon electricity and the frequent interruptions to the mains supply, one situation in which these same assurances could prove absolutely vital is when choosing a suitable generator manufacturer.

Since the majority of the units sold for industrial and commercial use are powered by diesel engines, many of the brands to look for are recognised as leaders in the field of transportation. Names, such as Perkins and Cummins that have been associated with this type of product for many decades have since been joined by Volvo, Scania, Mitsubishi, Iveco, Ford, and even Rolls Royce. However, while it makes sound sense to base your installation on a product from one of these iconic brands, there is far more to consider than the base unit. The manufacturing process is not complete until it is transformed into a working genset, and this is a task that will normally be undertaken by a specialist supplier who, in effect, is also a generator manufacturer.

One of the most important components of the completed genset is often a control panel. It might be of relatively simple design and is intended to be operated manually, but, in many cases, what the end user requires will be an automated system. Accidental power failures do, of course, occur on occasions, but the planned interruptions to mains power by the national service provider under its load shedding policy now pose a far greater danger to productivity.

In the case of financial institutions, it is client data that is most endangered by mains outages, while in hospitals and clinics, even a brief loss of power could endanger lives. Thanks to the skill and experience of these specialised suppliers who can also play the role of a generator manufacturer, such disasters can be averted.

The solution typically provided by the secondary generator manufacturer is to fit a computerised control panel. This can be programmed to switch seamlessly to backup power when required, and so, avoid the potential dangers of load shedding. The times of these planned outages are announced in advance, and the panel can then be adjusted to ensure the backup unit is operational and its output is synchronised with that of the mains, so that the former can take over the load before the mains power is cut.

This means there is no loss of productivity and, more importantly, no risk to the lives of patients on life support or undergoing major surgery. Once full mains power is detected again, the automated control panel incorporated into the unit built by the original generator manufacturer will only then proceed to take the backup source offline and power it down.

Other aspects of the installation may also require additional input by the supplier in order to complete it. For example, if the unit is to be located outdoors, a canopy may be required to protect it from damage by the weather. A canopy can also serve to ensure that any noise a genset produces is contained and does not disturb those occupying neighbouring premises. If it is to be used in different locations, it may need to be mounted on a trailer, while if it is located indoors, steps must be taken to ensure exhaust fumes remain contained until they are safely vented to the exterior of the building.

While South Africans may differ in their choice when selecting an original generator manufacturer, many depend on PacB Group for working power solutions and expert support.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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