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Generator Rentals – A Way to Maintain Power and Preserve Capital

For the homeowner faced with the latest round of load shedding, purchasing a small generating unit with sufficient output to keep the lights on, and to power a few of the more basic electrical functions, should not pose too much of a financial burden. However, in those situations where far more power might be required, the necessary investment could be substantially greater. Similarly, where the need is for a limited period only, a purchase is unwarranted. In such cases, a more viable alternative might be to consider generator rentals.

For example, an event management company will often be called upon to arrange an agricultural show or a music concert to take place in a green space where there is no access to the mains power supply. The use of a mobile power source is an obvious solution but, if it is only to be used for just a few weeks each year, this does not really justify a capital investment. Generator rentals offer a cheaper and more practical option in which the hired unit need only be paid for while it is actually in service. This means the cost can then be met from the operating budget allocated to a particular project without the need for unjustified Capex.

This, of course, is not the only situation in which hiring a mobile power source can be a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new unit. Construction companies are also frequently required to operate at sites where there is no available mains supply. For these companies too, opting for generator rentals will, almost invariably, prove to be the more financially viable option. Furthermore, since a hired unit does not form part of your inventory, no insurance extension will be required.

The benefits of hiring as opposed to purchasing a machine are not limited to the relative costs involved, however. With ownership comes certain responsibilities, such as ensuring that the unit receives all of the necessary maintenance that will ensure it can continue to function at peak efficiency. Even assuming an owner has the necessary skills, operating a preventative maintenance programme requires time and labour. By contrast, a generator rental agreement will normally include free maintenance should it prove necessary. As a result, hiring is an option that could also appeal to a company that has a permanent need for an auxiliary or emergency power supply.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to assess your power needs quite as accurately as you might wish. Making a purchase could leave you with a costly capital item that falls short of meeting your requirements. Another distinct advantage of hiring a unit is that it allows one to determine the suitability of a given machine without the risk of committing to an inappropriate purchase. In this way, generator rentals could provide your company with an invaluable opportunity to try before you buy.

Needs change and so do opportunities. A welcome but unexpected increase in the demand for your products could become an opportunity lost if financial constraints were to prevent the purchase of the necessary increased generating capacity. On the other hand, by choosing, instead, to enter into a short-term generator rental agreement, it will then become possible to respond to the new business opportunity and generate those additional profits that might otherwise have been lost.

Despite regular, professional maintenance, machine failures do occasionally occur. Unless you have a standby machine, this could mean downtime and lost production, and rather than buying one, a temporary hire could represent a considerable cost saving.

There are several compelling reasons why generator rentals are often the best option. All that is important is to deal with a reputable company. All units from the PacB Group are silent-running, configured for 3-phase and single plugs, and include an automatic changeover panel, while the support team is always available for on-site assistance.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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