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Generator Service Level Agreement

Agreement About Generator Service Levels

Right now, during March 2020, there are two serious and very topical issues that confront the South African Government and its various departments, as well as businesses of all types and every member of this country’s population.

The Covid 19 virus has been declared a worldwide pandemic, and load shedding has left the country in the dark. This has resulted in countrywide rolling blackouts to prevent the total collapse of the electricity supply grid. Fortunately, with regards to the former, the South African authorities have responded rapidly by instituting the best possible, internationally approved methods of containing the spread of the virus.


Electricity Supply, an On-Going Bugbear

Unfortunately, this has not been achieved for the latter issue. Generator breakdown and failure continues to be a stress for many industries. and no permanent resolution can be attained overnight or in the short term.

Publically, blame and fault for electricity supply problems are cast far and wide. Reasons given include the unreliability of ageing equipment and infrastructure, poor design and construction methods at newer power stations, wet coal, broken conveyor belts, poor management, and notably, a lack of adequate generator and allied equipment maintenance and service levels, as prescribed by the original engineering equipment manufacturers.

The long and the short of it is this; among the experts in this industry, such as the specialised PacB Group, there is unanimous agreement generator service, at recommended service levels, is of paramount importance to keep the lights on and the supply of electricity constant.


Imperative Generator Service Levels

The debate continues, but so too do generator and supply problems. The national energy supplier’s over-burdened equipment, with which electricity is supposed to be generated for the nation, is often unreliable and prone to breakdowns and functional failures.

Simply put and admitted to by the primary electricity supplier, which has monopolised this function thus far, regular service has not taken place. Planned, regular service and adequate service levels are imperative to the maintenance of any and all equipment, which certainly includes generators.


Permanent Source of Electrical Energy

Generators may be used as a permanent source of electrical energy production and distribution in industries or for projects that are situated at remote locations, which aren’t connected to the national grid. Here, organisations are responsible for meeting all their electricity needs by their own means.


Backup Systems

Other large industries and important fields that cannot function without electricity, but are normally connected to the grid have been compelled to install their own industrial generators as backup during load shedding and outages. Whether you require backup or a permanent power solution, don’t neglect service and maintenance.


Service Level Agreements

PacB Power Solutions specialises in providing high-quality industrial generators, from 10 kVA to 2500 kVA individual and up to 6000 kVA synchronised units. In conjunction with our products, we also offer clients the option of signing up to a Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our Electech division, which accordingly undertakes four annual inspections of your set-up. This number can be changed to meet or improve upon specific maintenance and service level requirements.

In accordance with our agreement, PacB Electech teams work through a checklist, performing tests to ensure that your set complies with standards and functions optimally. Technicians simultaneously remove accumulated degrading debris and pollutants from the system.

They then furnish clients with a report dealing with the agreement’s next service, plus a quotation for the inspection and parts that may be needed. If any other potential problem is detected, you’ll be alerted to it, along with a quotation for the necessary repair costs.

Clients who sign this agreement with us have access to a dedicated emergency line, in case they experience any problems between the service visits stipulated in the agreement. PacB strives to ensure that your generators function in prime condition and maintain seamless productivity.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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