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It appears to many people who live upcountry and inland in South Africa as if the Western Cape and Cape Town’s authorities are enterprising people who live in a region and city where things work better than elsewhere in the country. True or not, that’s not the only reason why so many from this country and abroad would love to live in Cape Town.

Minimised Load Shedding

During February 2020, and the then-latest round of Eskom’s countrywide load shedding, not all parts of Cape Town were equally affected as the rest of the country or other areas that are directly supplied with electricity from Eskom. City of Cape Town residents who received their power from the city were sometimes exempt from load shedding or were subjected to less frequent or shorter periods of being without electricity.

Independently Owned Generators

Undoubtedly and as in numerous other parts of the country, many of this city’s residents, businesses, factories, and production plants also made use of their own petrol-powered domestic or diesel-driven industrial generators, depending on their individual needs and requirements.

Harnessing the Power of the Wind

In the Western Cape, windfarms – some of them initially small, were established. Some are owned by Eskom, and some belong to other concerns or independent power producers (IPPs). There are wind farms or plans for wind farms in areas including Darling, Dassiesklip, Gouda, Hopefield, Perdekraal East, and Sere.

More than a Suntan

Cape Town’s glorious sunshine on a good-weather day is used for far more than just getting a good golden suntan on one of the Mother City’s white sandy beaches. The wonderful, famous South African sun has another important use, which is currently a bit under-utilised, possibly because of perceived high initial set-up costs. These do however eventually pay for themselves over time in pure savings when compared to the ever-increasing cost of electricity.

Solar photovoltaic panels, typically roof-mounted, convert collected solar energy into electricity that’s suitable for users’ electricity needs. When excess capacity is acquired that’s not consumed at the site, this excess may be fed into the conventional Eskom electricity grid. This helps to relieve the strain on the resources and capacity of Eskom generators and power stations (to an extent excluding Koeberg, which is nuclear powered, currently the only such plant in this country).

Eskom’s Generator Issues

It’s no secret that lack of maintenance is largely to blame for the shortcomings of an ageing electricity supply network. Generators and the components that allow or enable the generators to operate smoothly, effectively, efficiently, and reliably, must be serviced and maintained regularly, as stipulated by energy experts and generator manufacturers, system designers, professional installers, and power solution specialists like PacB Power Solutions.

At PacB, we also manufacture control panels for generators, install and commission generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), plus solar solutions, inclusive of solar panels for domestic and large applications. It should be noted that we install and commission the set, irrespective of whether we were the original generator and set manufacturer or not.

PacB Group’s most recent expansion of services and products is that of branching into renewable energy resources. We’re proud to extend our expertise to residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale consumers of state-of-the-art solar-generated electricity solutions.

If we complete the installation of PacB power solution products, we furthermore provide clients with an additional six-month warranty on all electrical components – a measure of the confidence we have in our standard-compliant products, technical expertise, and workmanship.

The nature of our business and the electrical power needs of South Africans and our country means that we operate countrywide on major projects, particularly those which require the skills and expertise of our technicians, solar solutions, and industrial generator specialists in Cape Town and elsewhere. If you’re in Cape Town or surrounds, get in touch today.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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