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Great Generator and Excellent Allied Services

Householders, industries, commercial enterprises and occupants of commercial and office buildings, factories, and plants which utilise one or more residential, commercial or industrial-scale generators, are typically aware of the essential need to ensure that this equipment undergoes regular maintenance by a professionally trained, competent and reliable service technician or team.

Service is Imperative

Typically, a major generator service will be comprehensive, while minor services may involve fewer complex processes. Nevertheless, irrespective of the type of service and inclusive of frequency that the manufacturer and/or supplier recommend, it’s not really a “nice to have” choice. Generator service is as or possibly more imperative than that which is an essential aspect of responsible motor vehicle ownership, and also the use of and reliance on most hardworking equipment.

Failing to maintain equipment and machinery through periodic service and inspection will invariably lead to failure and/or damage, which may be irreparable, leading to unnecessary expenses to replace the entire unit.

Primary or Backup System

Your generator may be used as a primary and sole source of electrical power, or as a backup system during power outages – planned or unplanned. Virtually every South African is only too aware of the inconvenience and sometimes chaotic conditions created by both types of outages and failures – at home, at work, and on the road, especially in busy areas where traffic is heavy or congested.

Business as Usual

Most shopping centres and malls, which incorporate entertainment venues and restaurants in addition to retail outlets, have put their own measures in place – large, industrialscale diesel generators for backup purposes that allows for uninterrupted “business as usual” for all tenants when mains power isn’t functioning.

Doing It for Themselves

South Africans are somewhat sick and tired of being left powerless in the figurative and literal dark, so increasing numbers of private residents and small, independent businesses are “doing it for themselves” by acquiring more compact, petrol-driven generators to ensure that their normal activities and appliances can continue to function as normal or nearly normal.

Petrol or Diesel

As a rule, generators for residential use are relatively small, using petrol as a power-generating source. The larger the model, the more appliances it can run simultaneously and the more functions it can perform, but bigger size and capacity may produce more sound or noise than a smaller unit.

Some models are designed to operate with less noise. These may be described as “silent”, but in reality, no generator is totally silent when working. Like petrol-powered motor vehicles, this piece of equipment requires services at specific intervals.

Diesel is a fuel that’s commonly used to power industrial-sized generators, as well as heavier or more hardworking motors, engines, and vehicles. Large trucks, SUVs, 4×4 vehicles, earthmoving equipment, cranes, and many trains utilised for heavy haulage in remote areas rely on diesel as a fuel source. All these diesel-powered pieces of equipment are designed for heavy-duty use and hard work.

PacB’s Initial Core Business

The PacB Group’s proud reputation as dedicated and specialised manufacturers, suppliers, installers, repairers, and solar panel providers and installers was built on our initial core business – diesel-powered industrial generators and engine control panels.

Electech’s Specialities

Maintenance and service of generators and all our other products, as well as those produced and/or sold by other concerns, are now undertaken by the newest addition to our group, Electech, specialists in their extensive but niche field. PacB Electech has also assumed responsibility for our service level agreements plus non-agreement equipment services within South Africa and across our mighty continent.

Whether you’re a private resident or represent a mine, an industry, a commercial enterprise, a hospital or a cellphone company with cell phone towers that require constant and reliable power, PacB looks forward to assisting you with quality products and a comprehensive range of checks, balances and benefits.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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