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How Necessary is the Maintenance of a Solar Photovoltaic Installation?

One of the virtues often quoted in a conversation about the use of the sun’s energy to generate electricity is the fact that, due to the absence of any moving parts, solar panels require only the minimum of maintenance. This, in fact, is essentially true as the supplier will generally offer a 10-year product warranty that will cover the cost of any necessary repair or replacement that may be the result of a defect in workmanship or materials. Often, these units will carry a second warranty that also covers repair costs if they should fail to produce more than 80% of the electrical power claimed in their performance rating within a period that, for some products, can be as much 25 years.

Much the same, despite a huge array of moving parts, could be said about a Rolls-Royce, but even these iconic motor vehicles can become damaged accidentally or perform less efficiently without occasional attention. The environment is perhaps the factor most likely to interfere with the performance of these rooftop generators. Over time, dust, leaves, bird droppings and other detritus tends to accumulate on roofs, so any solar panels located on them will benefit from maintenance, even if this just involves cleaning them at intervals. In areas where heavy hailstorms are frequent, there is also a risk of physical damage.

It may be tempting to deal with the cleaning in person, although not everyone may have the means to access their roof, be sufficiently fit to do so, or possess a head for heights. Also, while these structures are generally sufficiently robust to support someone of average weight, this is not true of all types of panel. Take into account also that, while a pressure washer may be the perfect choice for your driveway or a mud-encrusted quadbike, it should definitely not be used for this purpose.

While these alone may be sufficient justification to opt for professional solar maintenance by a specialist, they are not the only reasons why this may be the wiser choice. Owners should not overlook the fact that these systems are comprised of more than just photovoltaic panels. The performance of the inverter responsible for conversion of the DC output from the panels to the AC supply required to power homes, offices, and factories will also need to be checked by a qualified electrician at intervals. The same is applicable regarding the integrity of wiring and the efficiency of storage batteries, where these have been included in the installation.

To return to the Rolls-Royce analogy; anyone who may be fortunate enough to own one of these luxury vehicles will be most unlikely to risk attempting to service it in person. Likewise, ensuring that only a professional will undertake your solar maintenance will be the best way to protect your substantial initial investment in a renewable energy system that is becoming increasingly important to everyone who wishes to continue enjoying the benefits of a 21st-century lifestyle.

Already established as a leader in the field of power generation and a supplier of custom-built gensets to some of the leading enterprises in South Africa, Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the PacB Group has recently expanded our operation to include solar power system installations and maintenance. As is true of all the equipment it supplies, for its renewable energy systems the group also insists on only top-quality, world-class products.

No less particular about the quality of our service, our engineers are all well-qualified and experienced specialists whose sole aim is to deliver excellent workmanship and to ensure that our clients’ expectations are fully met and, wherever possible, exceeded. These are all compelling reason to entrust your solar maintenance requirements only to the PacB Group’s power solutions division.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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