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How to Choose the Best Generators for a Business

When the grid falters in “modern-day” South Africa, generators for a business become the critical lifeline between profitable successes, expensive failures, achieved targets, or missed deadlines. This is because uninterrupted power is no longer a luxury we are afforded every day. Rather, it has become a necessity that we all need, and sometimes, we have to be proactive and source it ourselves.

Many businesses of all sizes, from home offices to office parks and industrial facilities to commercial centres, rely on this unbroken supply of electricity to maintain operations, ensure customer satisfaction, and avoid costly downtime with its associated consequential losses. So, it has become the norm in our country to now employ generators for a business that is looking to succeed in today’s competitive marketplaces.

While the concept of this philosophy might be simple enough, to whom do you turn when exploring the intricacies of generators for a business, industrial facility, or commercial space? How do you select the right size, capacity, load, fuel type, and special features you require for seamless integration with your needs?


Introducing PacB Power Solutions – Your One-Stop Supplier of Generators for a Business

At PacB Power Solutions, we understand the necessity of a consistent power supply to keep your company profitable. For over a decade, we have been the go-to specialists for all our clientele’s energy-generation needs, offering meticulous planning, preparation, installation, maintenance, and after-sales service for diesel generators and more. So, whether you run a small home office, sprawling industrial complex, or commercial shopping mall, we can ensure you have the perfect power backup solution in place.


4 Reasons Why You Should Select Diesel Motors as Energy Generators for Your Business

While several generator types exist, and each has its rightful place in overcoming our load-shedding woes, when it comes to certain factors, diesel generators for a business offer several advantages over their counterparts. These may include:

  • Reliability: Diesel engines are renowned for their durability, dependable operation, and, if responsibly maintained, their longevity. They can withstand demanding workloads and harsh environments for extended periods, making them ideal for industrial generators.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Modern diesel generators boast impressive fuel efficiency, ensuring cost-effective operation, even through extended power outages or unanticipated grid failures.
  • Adaptability: These units come in a vast range of power outputs, from generators for office use or running a small business from home to an ensemble of synchronised monster machines capable of powering entire shopping malls or production factories.
  • Fuel Availability: Although fuel prices fluctuate monthly, with diesel being affected quite harshly at times, prices per litre do come down, maintenance costs are lower than those of other fossil-fuelled machines, and the fuel efficiency of modern motors compensates for the sometimes-higher cost of the fuel. Moreover, diesel fuel is widely available throughout southern Africa, making it a reliable source for generator operation.


The PacB Approach – Understanding Your Power Needs

At PacB, we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach will never work when it comes to generators for a business. This is why we begin with a comprehensive assessment of your power needs and your expectations from our machines and equipment. Factors our seasoned professionals will consider include:

  • Evaluating your Power Requirements: We will analyse your low, average, and peak electricity consumption patterns to determine the correct generating capacity and the size of generator you might require.
  • Assess Critical Equipment: We will identify the essential equipment that needs to be powered during an outage and for how long, ensuring your core operations remain functional.
  • Consider Growth and Future Needs: We will factor in potential future needs to ensure the generator we install can maintain your current requirements and have the capacity to accommodate extension should your anticipated growth plans require additional power, saving you both time and money.


Planning the Perfect Power Backup System

Following the assessment, our engineers will meticulously design and, if required, manufacture a customised backup power system. This may include:

  • Selecting the Ideal Generator: We will recommend a diesel generator with the appropriate power output to seamlessly take over during power outages. We might recommend industrial generators ranging from 10kVA to 2500kVA if that meets your needs, or we might advise a synchronised system that can generate up to 6000kVA.
  • Transfer Switch Selection: Determining the optimal transfer switch type to ensure a smooth and automatic transition from grid to generator power and vice versa is essential. We have internationally trained professionals who will accurately and efficiently help you through this process. If required, we will even manufacture a customised engine control panel and electrical change-over panel for an easy, manageable system, all tucked neatly under our powder-coated canopies if that is what you wish for.
  • Fuel Storage Solutions: An often-forgotten factor of owning a generator is where to store pre-purchased fuel. We will advise on suitable storage options to guarantee sufficient fuel reserves for extended outages, making sure that you stay connected.


Expert Installation and Seamless Integration

At PacB, our commitment extends beyond generator selection. In consultation with you, we will manage the entire installation process, ensuring your backup system integrates seamlessly with your existing electrical infrastructure. Our NOSA-trained technicians, operating proudly in accordance with international ISO 9001 standards, will assist with preparing the generator site, performing professional installation, and conducting comprehensive testing of all the equipment.

Moreover, our maintenance and after-sales service are unequalled in the industry. Ask about how we can keep your generator working at optimal levels to ensure it always remains reliable when you need it most.


PacB Power Solutions – Your Trusted Partner in Power Security

At PacB, we strive to go beyond simply selling generators for a business. We aim to be your trusted partner in power security. We understand the critical role a reliable backup generator plays in ensuring business continuity and protecting your valuable assets. By collaborating with you, we can design, manufacture, install, and maintain the generator system that will serve you for years to come through PacB Electech.

Do not let power outages disrupt your business success during hard times. Whether you operate from a fixed address or are an established contractor working in ever-changing locations, speak with us about our PacB Financial Assistance and PacB Rental options we have to offer.

As a family run, proudly South African business, operating throughout Africa with several sister and subsidiary companies, we have grown into the leading power provider in southern Africa and beyond. Regardless of your energy needs or budgetary challenges, if you need to explore your power priorities, allow our family to partner with yours. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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