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What Will Be Required to Compile an Industrial Generator Quote?

The majority of industries in South Africa and beyond rely heavily on the means to generate their own electricity on site. The reasons for this vary. It may be that a mine, for example, is too remote from the national grid to get its power from the mains supply. In other cases, a company may need to supplement mains power to handle peak loads, or maybe they just need an emergency supply in case of a mains outage. Either way, to obtain an industrial generator quote, it will be necessary to inform the supplier of its intended use. This, however, is just one aspect of the information needed for a company to compile a suitable quotation.


Things to Consider When Asking for a Quote

Since the sole function of the unit is to produce sufficient electricity, the first question that will need to be answered is just how much of it will be required. To phrase that in more technical terms, the plant’s total operating and startup loads will need to be calculated and the figure included in the request for an industrial generator quote. The more power the plant consumes, the larger the unit it will need and this will obviously influence its purchase price. The exercise will involve making a detailed inventory of all the machines and other electrical facilities that will need to be powered and making a note of the starting and running wattages for each of them. From the sum of the figures obtained, one can then calculate the total power requirement in kilowatts (kW) or kilovolt-ampere (kVA).

The next prerequisite for an industrial generator quote might be to indicate what type of fuel it should use. The choice is likely to be between diesel and natural gas. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Diesel-driven units have a higher upfront cost and are noisier and less portable. Diesel is considered to be a major source of pollution; however, they have a longer lifespan, require less maintenance, can be used anywhere, require no external power supply, and their fuel is less flammable.

Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to stipulate a natural-gas model when requesting an industrial generator quote. Natural-gas units are inherently quieter, and their fuel is cleaner-burning and less expensive than other non-renewable fuels. It can be piped directly to a plant so there is no need to maintain an on-site reserve. However, while these units are not dependent upon a continuous supply of mains electricity, any disruption to their fuel supply due to a natural disaster or accidental damage will render them inoperable.

As mentioned earlier, the proposed use will also influence an industrial generator quote. For example, it may be intended purely as an emergency backup measure for use during load shedding or in the event of a brownout when the mains power can no longer fully meet a plant’s load demand. In such cases, it will usually be necessary to include a control panel as part of the installation. This will enable automatic, smooth switching from the mains to the emergency sources when these events occur and a return to mains power once it is restored.

Even the unit’s proposed location can have a bearing on an industrial generator quote. Perhaps it is intended to locate it in an exposed area outside of the building, such as a courtyard. In this case, it will need some protection from the elements and possibly soundproofing to comply with noise-abatement regulations. This will mean housing it in a suitable canopy. In other situations, the unit may need to be moved between locations, and this will be a simpler task if it is trailer-mounted.

The best option, however, is for PacB Group to perform an expert needs assessment and to tailor an industrial generator quote that perfectly satisfies your unique requirements.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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