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Install Back-Up Solar Power and Start Saving Money and Securing Energy with the Sun

Is it time to go green? Over the years, South Africans have been watching their energy costs go from high-priced to unaffordable. Eskom, South Africa’s giant electricity producer and supplier, are in debt, owing more than R420 billion. This figure only confirms that another electricity increase is on the horizon, and South Africans need to ready themselves.

Similar to South Africa’s water and wastewater struggles, our nation’s energy sector is in trouble, and this is only the early stages. While load shedding crops up here and there, it leaves South Africans insecure about when the lights will go out. Will the lights go out around dinner time, or will it be during the day during business hours? Not only do many South Africans lie awake at night, wondering how they will pay their account month-end, but the loss of hours stolen from a workday can have a devastating effect.

Eskom accounts for up to 95% of the country’s total power generated, and with Eskom requesting for another increase to overshadow the issues of load shedding, Ted Blom, an energy expert, warns that South Africans can prepare for a 50% tariff upsurge in the next couple of years. As a result, many commercial and residential property owners throughout South Africa are installing solar power as a back-up. Here’s why you should too:

Protection Against Rising Energy Costs and Rolling Blackouts

The World Economic Forum says that accessing power straight from the sun – which is free and far more cost-effective than standard electricity is a great solution. As a result, setting up your own private “Eskom” on your property roof will not only reduce your monthly astronomical electricity rates, but it will ensure the light stays on –  even when the government switches the lights off. In times of a decline, a solar back-up power system can go a long way to save money and ensure your home’s energy security without relying on the government’s energy.

It’s a Reliable Off-Grid Power Solution

Technology has grown, and we can now get-off-the-grid with sun-powered battery back-ups. Throughout the summer months, your panels generate enough energy to store for the winter months. These batteries reduce your reliance on the grid, allowing you to save this energy to use at a later stage. Come winter or in the event Eskom goes down, your home can run off the solar energy you stored over the year. You could survive off the grid for a good couple of days.

Powering Renewable Energy Reduces Footprint

Engineers estimate that harnessing solar energy from 1% of the Sahara desert could power the entire world.
Unlike Eskom electricity that generates fossil fuels which pollutes the environment – back-up solar energy is clean and sustainable. While it costs more than a standard diesel generator, it can provide back-up power without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

South Africa is a country blessed with weather that gifts us more sunshine than any other continent of the Earth. As a result, solar energy makes perfect financial sense. Going off the grid and making your home or business self-sufficient is a great way to save money, ensure a reliable source of energy over the cold months, and reduce your carbon footprint. Because of the many benefits, companies like PacB Group are seeing a wave of interest in both commercial properties and homes rushing out to install back-up solar power.

Established out of a demand for sustainable energy solutions and supplies in remote areas or load-shedding-interrupted areas, we provide the most efficient and reliable back-up sun-powered energy products and brands. Not only do we supply the best global energy brands, but we install and maintain them for you. To find out more about how easy it is to get a back-up solar energy solution installed, chat with us today.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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