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It is Hard to Say Where South Africa Would Be Without Power Generators

Once the energy powerhouse of the continent, South Africa took things like cheap electricity, water, and other municipal services for granted. As we all know, those days are gone, and if it were not for the ability to generate alternative energy, it is hard to say where our economy would be today. The persistent failure of Eskom and the tremendous hike in the cost of electricity over the last decade or two have caused problems for companies throughout the country. Ever resilient, South African businesses large and small have tweaked their routine and instituted all sorts of alternative power supplies, but chief amongst them, especially for big businesses, has been the diesel power generator.

Renewable energy technologies are rising in efficiency and application, but as things currently stand, diesel power generators are still the most cost-effective solution for the vast majority of companies who want to keep the lights on and stay in business. Homeowners too have evaluated wind, solar, and power generator costs and benefits, and they too have overwhelmingly opted for power generators as their backup option. And with the word “backup”, we get straight into the arena where things often get murky for many of those shopping for power generators.

Is Your Power Generator Going to Be a Standby or Prime Source?

It might be fair to say that for the average homeowner, a standby power generator will be sufficient, or so they imagine, to use when the power goes off. Problems arise, however, because of the frequency of outages in this country, and the number of hours the power generator ends up working at times. Many generators sold as “standby” generators are being sold as such at the top end of their capabilities. In other words, they really are only standby generators, designed to cope with an hour or two’s demand at a time, and infrequently at that. As we all know, Eskom can turn the power off for a lot longer than that, and very importantly, a lot more often than the specifications of such standby power generators can handle.

In a nutshell, a great many people have under-bought on power generators. Within a year, or less, the generator is giving problems, it is in and out of repair, and it has lost its feeling of being a reliable power source whenever the good people at Eskom are merrily plunging us into darkness once again. As an exercise, it fails, and it is also not fair to blame the consumer, as the suppliers should be far more interrogative and honest about their product’s real abilities. Allowing someone to buy something that you know is not really going to address their needs is unethical. Far better, when you are out and about shopping for power generators, especially for commercial purposes, over-anticipate the demands you will experience. This ensures that you are getting the most important thing you are paying for – the peace of mind that having an alternative power supply is supposed to give!

A lot of disillusionment has followed the rise of the power generator to the throne of top choice in both the residential and commercial arenas, as very often, people either do not do the math, or hopefully but ignorantly underestimate the working hours they will demand from their power generator. Of course, the best route is to allow professionals who actually manufacture components and complete power generator units to estimate your needs, as they are doing it every single day of their lives.

If anyone is going to know how to sidestep the common hassles and bring you to a point of supreme satisfaction with your purchase, it is the people who build power generators, service power generators, and are even instrumental in their evolution.

Power generators are the kind of thing you do not want to buy off a shelf and, as individuals like mine managers and other industrial players will know, you actually cannot buy fit-for-purpose power generators for any given business without a careful analysis of all of the unique demands, schedules, and possibilities your specific circumstances will entail. Far, far better is to do your own homework, have a rough idea of what you will need, and then approach the guys who spend their days talking, thinking, and even dreaming about power generators, the manufacturers themselves. Now that many unfortunate souls have been through the mill of buying inappropriate machines for their purpose, the market is starting to realise that buying a power generator, of any substance, is best done by shopping with manufacturing professionals like PacB.

PacB Does More Than Maintain Industrial Generators – We Build Them!

Homeowners might not recognise our name as often, but that is because PacB leads a different field, one in which commercial interests shop for the most cost-effective and high-performing power generators around. We service and maintain generators to exceptionally high standards, because we know them intimately – we manufacture components for many big names, and supply and install our own machines around the country too. At PacB, we are specialists in supplying and maintaining top quality industrial generators, and these range in size from 10 kVA, all the way through to 2500 kVA. That is enough power to run a mining operation or two, or at least it is when a number of power generators are synchronised, producing up to 6000 kVA.

We are skilled professionals and will not waste your time with solutions that may or may not work. We have the experience and internationally recognised expertise to give you the most essential thing you want from your power generator supply – performance. Performance as expected, when you need it. We offer a large range of additional professional services too, like manufacturing complete generating units for the vast majority of the reputable brands available in the marketplace, and we also specialise in synchronised systems, literally building your power supply to your specifications. Specialised systems are of course where we geek out and excel, and our customised control panels (as well as electrical change-over panels) are renowned throughout the generating industry.

We operate strictly according to ISO 9001 standards, with NOSA trained technicians, and we have brought final relief to more industrial concerns than we can count offhand. Our manufacturing, transportation, and rigging of top-quality generators is legendary, and if you ask many of our clients, their only regret is that they did not find us first, before squandering money on less than stellar “solutions” that were not. We will give you a professional service, and we will supply exactly what you need. More importantly, we aim to overdeliver on the most critical component of power supply – peace of mind.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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