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It is No Overstatement to Say That Generators Have Saved the SA Economy

While a large percentage of modern consumers are aware of “off-grid” living and everything that it implies, South Africans have a further impetus beyond green concerns that might encourage many to run on alternative power, namely a terribly erratic power supply! If ever there was a grand marketing campaign for alternative power solutions, Eskom is it, and it is a campaign that just keeps getting stronger! With even our new power plants crumbling in places and sputtering along at times, unable to address the power supply issues they were supposed to resolve when their outrageous price tags were approved all those years ago, the fantasy of South Africa returning to a country where generators were rarely heard and almost never seen, has evaporated.

Modern South Africa would not be what it is today without the presence of modern generators. Bigger business has been able to switch right over and install large generator capacity where needed. Even smaller businesses, although it might have taken some scrimping and saving, eventually install a generator power supply, as a rule. There is simply no getting around the fact that commerce and industry need 24/7 power, and that reality is one of those impossible to solve with a plan B. It is either stay on or go bang for businesses, and these are often entities for whom the needed power solutions that will keep the doors open represent a sizeable expense. South African business has been through the trenches, and today, the country’s business fraternity is battle-hardened and savvy, especially when it comes to contingency management.

Consumers, for their part, are not prepared to step that far down, to where business is only open when Eskom power is on. That was too big an ask, and the fact that modern consumers are fickler and more impatient than ever before does not help. The internet is always on if you have a mobile device, and that creates expectations too.

After load shedding became a reality in SA, very little time passed before generators emerged as a standard requisite for maintaining a successful retail business in the country. Retail needs traffic and it needs that disposable income. For that to happen, it needs its lights on.

Not to target consumers unfairly, B2B trade is not any more tolerant of deathly silences in the workplace either. As much as every business in this country understands the powerlessness of being an Eskom customer, it is still true to say that the desire to do business together gets deflated when the power is off. It is even more desperate for South African companies doing business with foreign clients. While we might have been slowly dragged over the edge of powerlessness over years – we know how we got here. Foreigners have no idea what life in SA has become, and any local business with the lights off does not appear very attractive. Manufacturing needs consistency and it needs sales, and for that, power is crucial.

Generators Are Everywhere

Generators very quickly became the logical solution to continued business and lifestyle pursuits, and generators today find application in every conceivable nook and cranny where power is needed. From housing estates through to gold mines, and from small hole-in-the-wall retailers to household name chain stores, everyone has accepted the costs and the onus to maintain business as usual, in spite of the erratic supply of municipal power. In a nutshell, that means generators.

There are obvious benefits to installing generators as a power solution, as no matter how advanced alternative power technologies have become in the new millennium, very few boast the plug-and-play capabilities of a generator. Wind and solar power installations certainly present challenges for smaller concerns, who typically have smaller and perhaps shared premises to work with. A wind turbine might easily supply the corner store’s power needs, assuming the wind blows sufficiently in the area, but it is completely impractical to imagine downtown Johannesburg, for example, dotted with 40-metre-plus wind turbines. Alternative energy solutions often simply will not fit without extended expenses that render them inefficient as an answer. Because generators are a compact power solution you place in a few square metres wherever you are, they have become a welcome answer for busy South Africans.

For anyone still wondering what life by generator is like, it is a cinch really. Generators are typically specified that slightly exceed anticipated power needs, are housed appropriately to accommodate their fumes and noise (although silent generators can sit just outside the lounge window and not be bothersome), and can be rigged to kick in on auto when Eskom drops. In short, life by generator is seamless and seldom more expensive than life according to Eskom, whose tariffs just keep bleeding the population each year. Ever escalating costs, ever more erratic supply. It is not good to be Eskom right now.

There is only one real caveat to ensure a happy life with a generator as your principal energy source – do not skimp! Generators are highly engineered machinery, and the interface between power and muscle that a generator represents is one that demands quality workmanship, and deft electrical understanding too.

Come to PacB for the Best in Generator Advice, Sales, and Service

PacB is no reseller of generators and essential components, but rather a manufacturer with years of experience. And yes, the components too. In fact, when it comes to the subtleties of diesel generator design, and the electrical intelligence you will need to create an uninterrupted power supply, many generator suppliers come to PacB, not the other way around.

We are the real McCoy in generators, and we have made a name as a manufacturer of truly superior generators, with successful options for all comers. More than that, we are not a closed circus performing limited tricks, but rather a modern power company with an interest in renewable energy too. When we supply generators to our customers, they can be sure it is the level best solution and the most cost-effective route to continued commercial growth. We do not make or sell substandard generators, but rather supply the technology that will meet your only critical aim – simply to have power when you need it.

For the best in diesel generators and engine control panels (yes – we are the electrical engineering type of generator company), you can do no better than PacB. We are not focused on once-off sales. Contact us with your power needs big or small, and be assured of the best solutions, designed to save you money and, most importantly, give you seamless power supply that you can depend on.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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