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More Large Generators for Sale in the Wake of Supply Uncertainties

Quite apart from its overdependence upon finite and rapidly shrinking reserves of fossil fuels for the commercial production of electrical power, the national distributor is short of the essential infrastructure needed to meet the demands of a nation the size of South Africa. Both domestic and industrial consumption have grown far more rapidly than Government catered for and severe underfunding has left Eskom ill-prepared to expand its production and distribution network in parallel. More power stations are planned but, until they come online, the supplier’s policy of robbing Peter to pay Paul will continue and more industries will be seeking large generators for sale to keep their plants operating.

In some cases, of course, producing their own power has been and remains the only option. Many of the country’s mining operations, for instance, are conducted well beyond the reach of the national grid and, without access to the mains supply, they must provide for their power needs on site. Typically, to cover all of its power requirements, a remote operation of this nature will need the output from several large generators and, not surprisingly, they are available for sale from a number of specialist suppliers in South Africa.

Because the demand for power in the manufacturing environment tends to fluctuate, during periods of peak consumption, even a factory that routinely draws its power from the national network will often exceed Eskom’s capacity to deliver. In order to ensure that the supply of electricity remains adequate during these periods of peak activity, any shortfall will, therefore, need to be produced on site. To achieve this, a factory owner will need to install one or more of the large, diesel-driven generators offered for sale by one of the local dealers.

Although existing power stations are being refurbished and upgraded, and new installations are planned, the demand for electrical power continues to grow. Given the effect that this has on the environment, the need for more eco-friendly power technology is clear. That said, adequate production using solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal power will remain a distant dream for the foreseeable future, as such projects will require massive funding. In the interim, whether for standalone use, to augment the mains supply, or purely for emergencies, the growing demand by local industries for the range of large generators for sale in South Africa is set to continue.

When purchasing this type of equipment, there are a number of factors that will need to be considered. The most important of these will be the maximum load that a given unit will need to meet. The precise figure will determine the capacity of the unit to be installed and will indicate if the output of a single unit will be sufficient or whether additional units may be necessary. Where multiple units are installed, or where there will be frequent switching between the mains and internal supplies, an automated control panel can be installed to synchronise power output and manage transitions.

Leading the field in the supply of world-class large generators for sale, PacB Group offers a comprehensive service, including a needs assessment; the design, installation and commissioning of a tailor-made solution; and the guarantee of professional after-sales support.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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