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“Must Have” Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Whenever you are making use of a facility or piece of equipment, you expect it to continue functioning or operating smoothly, seamlessly and uninterrupted, until your task has been completed, or you have set a timer to switch it off automatically.

Inconvenience, Waste, and Loss

Any unplanned interruption is at best likely to be inconvenient, or at worst, your progress or process thereafter is ruined. This latter situation results in wastage or complete loss, and it often necessitates a complete restart, which may be lengthy. This is often the case when mains power fails partway through many types of production processes that rely on an uninterrupted, constant, and consistent power supplies.

In various industries, mining activities, and particularly in banking and businesses which use IT applications throughout all hours of the day, 24/7, throughout every day of the year, without exception, an uninterrupted electrical power supply is vital. Even the slightest, tiniest, most minuscule power interruption may cause the irretrievable loss of crucially important data and information.

Sketchy Supply

Over the last 17 years, electricity supplies generated and distributed by South Africa’s national provider has become increasingly sketchy. Moreover, the availability is now inadequate, lacking the required capacity to cater to the country’s power needs and demands. It is prone to failure and outages, both planned and unplanned and thus power supplies that .we can rely on are needed.

The Solution? Generators

So, what are you to do in order to overcome this undeniable problem, which is not going away in the near future? In fact, Eskom has warned that outages and supply problems throughout the country can be expected for approximately another 18 months. You install a heavy-duty industrial generator if the size and nature of your enterprise warrant a powerful unit, and if your requirements are relatively small, opt for a smaller, petrol-driven device.

The Switchover

All should be fine and in order, but it actually is not quite so. When your power source switches manually or automatically from the mains supply to your generator, the flow of electricity doesn’t remain entirely uninterrupted. Those tiny, momentary milliseconds that inevitably occur when changing from one source to an alternative is nevertheless an interruption, the last thing you want or need.

Introducing Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Technology

A UPS is not only what you need at this point; a UPS is essential to avoid that minuscule lapse in transferring electrical-energy supplies between sources – mains and generator – thereby avoiding the damages and losses already mentioned. It’s important that the UPS you choose fully covers the energy-producing capacity of your generator.

The UPS is designed to bridge the gap or power interruption between sources during the switchover period so that your supply of electricity continues unhindered and uninterrupted. The transition occurs smoothly, seamlessly, and without any momentary pause whatsoever. All processes that are underway will continue normally, as intended, and as if no change of source has been effected.

MAKELSAN and PacB Partners

In addition to the manufacture of generators, the PacB Group also offers a comprehensive range of MAKELSAN uninterrupted power supplies. Our capabilities ensure that clients and their UPS requirements are perfectly matched to their generators via a product which we know and trust because we are also responsible for its manufacture and relevant warrantees.

PacB UPS consists of two variants – single-phase and three-phase. The phase selection depends on the energy-output capability or the range of the generator that has been selected. Our Group’s single-phase UPS is 1kVA – 10kVA, while the three-phase option has a range between 10 and 800 kVA.

Because the MAKELSAN uninterrupted power supplies on offer at PacB are also neutral and short-circuit protected, essential protection is provided to your energy-producing equipment. You may rest assured that your equipment will remain protected and safe even when electrical supplies change. Contact us for more information.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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