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Need a New Generator? Why Not Consider a Rental?

Since it first became possible to produce and circulate electricity in order to perform tasks, such as lighting our streets and providing power for factories, society has become increasingly dependent upon the ability to access electrical energy on demand. Recent years, however, have made it abundantly clear to South Africa’s consumers that this is a form of freedom that can no longer be guaranteed. Interruptions have become common with the result that more and more businesses must now consider the purchase of a backup generator or perhaps a rental where such an option is available at a time when capital spending may need to be curbed.

In addition to this type of scenario, in which the auxiliary source of electricity will normally only be required on occasions, either to supplement mains electric power during times of peak loading or to replace it in the event of an outage, there are other circumstances that may require only a temporary solution. A construction company, working on a remote site where utilities have not yet been installed, for instance, may need a means to operate jackhammers or perhaps a pump to drain accumulated water. In all cases, a generator rental could actually prove to be far more cost-effective than ownership of a capital item that is likely to be used infrequently.

As well as helping a company to conserve its capital reserves, one of the greatest additional benefits of this option is that, because the cost of hiring is simply another fixed monthly expense, the payments can easily be incorporated into the business’ regular cash flow arrangements. Yet another benefit is that many of the hire companies also include free servicing and repairs, and even replacement of hired equipment where this may be required, as a component of their standard rental agreement, whether it may be for the hire of a generator or a flat-screen TV.

Naturally, hire companies in any field will tend to differ in terms of the services provided for in their agreements, as well as in the quality of the various items they offer for hire. Where the item in question happens to be a power source, the client will frequently have some very specific and, in some cases, mission-critical requirements. Where there is a need for ease of mobility, for example, not every hiring company may be in a position to include a trailer mount as a part of its generator rental service. This could mean a client must resort to a separate hire that could add to the overall cost.

Where the unit is to be used as an emergency backup measure, it is perfectly possible to perform the switching manually in order to provide cover during a scheduled outage. However, should an unexpected interruption occur, production too will be interrupted and could result in substantial losses before the backup unit is operational. The answer, of course, is an automatic changeover panel that can detect a mains drop and switch smoothly to auxiliary power. Where this is a requirement, a good hire company will be in a position to offer this facility as part of its generator rental service.

There are numerous situations in which noise needs to be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, however, one of the characteristics that is commonly displayed by a diesel engine is a tendency to be too loud. Positioning them sufficiently far from the action is not always a practical option and some form of soundproofed housing may appear to be the only way to cut down the decibels. In practice, there is an alternative…advances in engine design have made possible units that, at a distance of 7 metres, radiate less than 75 dB.

Offering all of the above options and more, the PacB Group is a leader in generator rentals, backing world-class products with exceptional support.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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