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Regular Generator Maintenance is a Crucial Part of Power Security

It is possible that you may have recently purchased a genset and, having had it professionally installed, it is now providing your operation with all of the auxiliary or backup power you could possibly need. If this is the case, there is one fact that you should be careful not to overlook. A genset is a complex machine. It is full of moving parts that are subject to wear and tear, and it will often be required to function continuously, perhaps, for several days without interruption. Introducing a schedule of regular generator maintenance will be essential if you are hoping to avoid the prolonged and often costly downtime required to undertake essential repairs to a machine your productivity and profitability depend upon.

Assuming that your purchase was new, your machine would have been accompanied by the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the intervals at which it should be inspected and certain of its more vulnerable components routinely replaced. This amounts to a schedule of preventative measures that should form part of an effective generator maintenance programme.

On the other hand, if having grown over the years, yours is now one of the country’s larger plants, it is likely you have acquired a number of gensets at various times to cope with your expansion. As a consequence, each of these units will have its own service schedule. Naturally, the servicing can be undertaken in-house by a member of staff who happens to possess the necessary tools, skills, and experience. However, if you intend to undertake generator maintenance on this kind of scale, this could require you to appoint an additional full-time employee.

Apart from the additional staff member, it will also be necessary to maintain an ample supply of essential spares on-site. Without an adequate cache, you face the risk of added downtime if it should become necessary to shop around for them, especially if you are trying to support one of the older models. Furthermore, taking on the task of inspecting and servicing these machines at the required intervals will entail a departure from your company’s core activities. In practice, generator maintenance is a responsibility that could be, more profitably, outsourced.

While there are companies that will undertake to service your machines, regardless of where you may have purchased them from, it makes sense to choose one that is completely familiar with your particular brand and models. Not only will this ensure that its staff will have the necessary knowledge to work on your gensets, but it should also mean the company will have stocks of all the crucial spare parts it will need to ensure your generator maintenance is conducted as efficiently as possible.

In practice, this is a matter that is best dealt with at the time of purchase. If you are looking for someone to take care of your genset, what better choice could there be than the people who supplied it? Your new purchase will, of course, carry a warranty from the manufacturer and, should anything go wrong during the warranty period, the cost of repairs will be covered. Warranties, however, are subject to conditions, and these include the appropriate use of the machine, as well as compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the need for a schedule of preventative generator maintenance.

The ideal solution would, of course, be to find yourself a one-stop shop. With its long history of providing innovative power solutions that work, PacB Group is able to offer its clients the benefits of a turnkey service that includes bespoke design, assembly, installation, commissioning, and ongoing support. Serving multiple industries in South Africa and across the African continent, we are uniquely positioned to conduct professional generator maintenance for all of the major brands and their models.


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