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Reliable Generator Repairs are Essential for a Sound Power Backup Strategy

Though perhaps a necessary measure in the light of current economic difficulties in South Africa, escalating electricity tariffs are still failing to meet the cost of the long-overdue and vital upgrade to the nation’s power generation and reticulation network that is needed to cope with the increasing demands of consumers. Add to this the fact that cable theft continues to be a problem in a society devoid of employment opportunities for the majority of its citizens, an end to disruptive and costly power outages would appear to be as distant as ever. More than ever before, the generator and access to exert repair facilities have become vital assets in a widening range of businesses.

The latter need, however, does not arise because these backup and emergency power sources are inherently prone to breakdowns or in any way unreliable. In practice, it is because, on average, they are being used more intensively than was previously the case and, in many operations, they are not merely activated in the event of an outage but used routinely to supplement Eskom power at times of peak loading while, in isolated sites, they may even be the sole source of electrical power. Some companies carry spare machines that can be called upon in the event of a breakdown to provide continuity while the damaged generator is undergoing repairs.

On premises where it is not the practice to keep a machine in reserve for emergency use, prompt access to a loan or hire unit should be considered as an essential facility in order to minimise any possible downtime that might result in crippling production losses. Needless to say, a suitably comprehensive programme of planned maintenance can add considerably both to the lifespan and the performance of these machines. A reputable supplier will normally be able to offer purchasers this type of service, in addition to undertaking any generator repairs that may prove necessary.

To a large extent, the overall reliability of these units will be dependent on their pedigree and so iconic brand names such as Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, and Volvo tend to feature high on the shopping lists of many of South Africa’s top businesses. As is the case with most products, however, there is seldom a shortage of cheaper versions emanating from the factories of developing countries. Nevertheless, while price must obviously be a consideration when it is time to make your choice, in the long run, it may prove to be of considerably less importance than the reassurance of a generator that will not require constant repairs.

These machines are composite structures that combine the means to convert mechanical action into electrical current with a suitably powerful diesel engine to provide the necessary mechanical action. As a result, any reparative work that may arise will need to be undertaken by personnel who possess the skills and experience of both an electrician and a diesel mechanic. In addition to these attributes, a well-equipped workshop and an adequate stock of the appropriate spare parts will also be crucial for any company that is to be entrusted with the job of conducting generator repairs.

An acknowledged leader in the design and construction of electrical backup installations for both domestic and commercial use and member of the PacB Group, PacB Power Solutions is a specialist in the field and is able to meet and exceed all of the important criteria detailed above. Its services include the manufacture of bespoke gensets tailored to the specific requirements of the individual user, as well as the customised engine control panels with which to simplify their operation and maximise their efficiency.

From the initial need assessment, design and manufacture of the machines through to its installation, commissioning, preventative maintenance and, if required, expert generator repairs, the PacB Group prides itself on partnering with each of our clients to drive our success.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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