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Renewable Energy is Coming into Its Own

Although renewable energy systems like solar and wind turbines have been around for a while, the reason why solar, for example, did not simply colonise the world, is a matter of efficiency. The efficiency of a solar panel is a measure of how much of the sunlight falling on the solar panel is captured by the photovoltaic cells and converted into electrical energy. The average diesel generator, for example, runs at around a 30% efficiency rate burning fossil fuels. That might seem low, but it is certainly commercially viable as we all know, and unfortunately, it has historically outdone solar panels by a significant margin.

That is changing, however, and from an efficiency of about 15%, modern solar panels have evolved to now run at a considerably higher efficiency of some 20%. That might not seem like such a big leap, but it is in fact enough advancement for the threshold of genuine competitiveness to loom large in solar’s future. Solar panels are getting better. Some photovoltaic cells within panels under test conditions can record efficiencies of over 40%, although further development is needed to translate that into an overall panel efficiency.

Renewable Energy Models Are Taking Shape All Over the World

Solar energy is finally a legitimate competitor, and is developing more and more efficiency, based on redesign and development. Solar today is also massively scalable, and able to run even big utilities. To a large extent with solar, if you need more power, add more panels, and with their modern efficiency ratings, solar panel installations are becoming the preferred renewable energy source for many big commercial, industrial, and utility sites. Is there a downside to solar? Of course, every energy model has more and less attractive aspects, but as a single statement, solar’s barrier to entry still fails completely to dim its eminent promise and clean, renewable nature. It is free energy, if you can get over the initial cost implications.

As with many renewable energy options, there is an upfront cost that scares some people. Without sugarcoating it, solar will demand its purchase and installation price upfront, as opposed to the monthly electricity bills we are used to receiving from legacy power supply. That said, it is a demonstrable fact that solar will pay you back and keep saving you over the longer term. Maintenance costs are low, and even factoring in repair and replacement over a period of time, you are still saving wads of cash with solar. It is basically free energy, once you have installed it, and the long-term maintenance costs are comically insignificant when compared to ongoing conventional power supply costs.

Is Solar Energy Expensive, Or Simply Differently Structured in Its Costs?

Why is solar seemingly so expensive? Well, getting back to those cloudy days and dark nights, and depending on your application of solar, you will need to store the generated electricity somehow, for those hours when the sun is weak or absent. Solar geysers dot many of the newer housing developments around Gauteng, and they are a visible example of mainstream renewable energy applications emerging. But what about when it is overcast? What about nighttime? Can solar really power a household, for example, because obviously, at night, the sun is not shining!

Well, in the case of solar geysers, the energy captured during sunshine hours is stored away as hot water for use 24/7. Solar geysers might store it in the form of hot water, but what about the desire for electricity to run all aspects of a household or factory?

Enter the solar battery bank, an essential component of a genuinely liberating solar system. Solar batteries are essential if you are after always-on power, and they do add to the initial cost of solar. Again, while this might be a pain point for some, the math clearly shows that even with the replacement of components over the years, solar power’s running costs are a joke in comparison to the average electricity bill.

The ace up renewable energy’s sleeve is almost always that, if you understand and field the upfront costs, you are in for a lifetime of essentially free energy. At some point down the line, after a solar installation, you are going to recoup that outlay in terms of savings on municipal electricity supply that you no longer need. It is going to happen. You are going to go into “profit” with renewable energy.

It is akin to day traders versus buy and hold investors. The day trader’s approach wants immediate results and they thus accept less in return for their efforts. Long-term investors, however, put their money into a position and leave it there, sometimes for years, because they know that one day, they will get a gloriously huge payback for their discipline. So it is with solar energy. It is an upfront cost kind of thing, but the payback makes it all worthwhile.

To Minimise Costs, Solar Has to Be Done Right First Time Round

There is another aspect to solar that does indeed present as an immediate benefit, and that is the fact that it is silent power. There is no smoke, fumes, or noise involved in operating solar panels, and this is one of the obvious benefits renewable energy solutions typically offer. Solar is silent but powerful, and it is also immediately gratifying knowing that in opting for a solar installation, you have opted for a healthier and more sustainable future for our kids. That is a biggie. In fact, the feelgood factor of solar is massive, which brings us to the most important point about solar panel installation – get it done by the pros!

No one would allow inexperienced or unqualified personnel to build their house. With solar installations, and in dealing with high value items and their technical requirements, it is in fact essential that you enlist the expertise of pros like PacB. We are long-time participants in the power supply game and operate only according to international standards. If you are taking the leap into forever cheap renewable energy, it is crucial that the whole exercise does not fall flat on the back of lousy components and poor installation. That is not renewable energy’s promise at all. Rather get us on board and let us show you the unbelievable benefits of renewable energy.

PacB will energise any size commercial, industrial, or utility premises, and we will get it right the first time around, through smart design and best practice only. Renewable energy deserves its rise to power, all puns intended, and we can show you only the benefits, steering you clear of hassles and disappointment. If it is important that it works perfectly, it needs to be done well!

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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