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Responsible Generator Sales Ensures Safety and Satisfaction

Commerce and industry are based on a few fundamental principles – need or want, supply, and demand. One may need a generator because one wants to have backup power when the national electricity grid fails or is subjected to load shedding or outages for planned maintenance.

Next, the person or client must find a supplier of generators, an organisation that stocks ranges of such equipment, which is offered for sale to members of the public and other concerns alike, which considers buying a power set outright or invites a company’s generator sales department to tender accordingly. Generator sales are booming, because there aren’t many workable alternatives.

Increased Demand Creates Increased Sales

The fact remains; there is an increasing demand for alternative or backup electricity generating systems because Eskom is unable to meet the entire, overall national demand for electricity. By its own admission, the country’s electricity supplier has not maintained the infrastructure which generates and distributes electrical power nationwide. Moreover, the equipment required to do so is ageing and is prone to breaking down, especially during times of peak demand.

Population growth and the resultant increased demand for power further puts a strain on the already overburdened system, which presently simply cannot keep up. All these factors and more have played a significant role in the demand for and increasing sales volumes of independently-owned generators across the board. To be fair, it does appear that this undesirable, potentially catastrophic situation is being managed competently by the newly-appointed Group Chief Executive at the power giant, but he has warned citizens that the current situation of periodic load shedding, combined with outages caused by equipment failure, is likely to continue for at least the next 18 months.

Likewise, generator sales will undoubtedly continue to increase in tandem with the demand for consistent electrical energy. Modern life, as we know it, encompassing working environments, home life, healthcare, communication technology, operational systems, security, and a great deal more, simply cannot operate without electricity. Humankind is virtually cut off at the knees without this resource.

The Solution

The solution is clear – buy your own power set to ensure that you, your household or your business has a steady supply of electricity, independent and irrespective of the national grid’s downtime status at any given time.

A Word of Caution

Because power generation is a highly specialised field, finding someone who offers generators for sale, walking into a store that sells power sets, and making a purchase is not a viable or wise option, nor is performing your own DIY installation.

An incorrect choice will certainly result in a unit that cannot perform according to requirements, may potentially cause damage or destruction of property, or worse still, may have fatal consequences. A professional power pack salesperson will establish a host of specific details about your electricity requirements and the required capacity of your unit, the proposed location of your power set, prevailing regulations governing your area, and various sundry aspects which may impact equipment’s performance and your safety.

It’s imperative to consult with qualified power set sales experts who are also professional installation specialists, such as the folks at PacB Group, who recognise that a poor, non-professional installation may be downright dangerous. Electricity is not a toy with which to trifle – a fact which we emphasise.

Rentals Too

To assist clients who aren’t ready to buy, PacB also offers a range of power sets on a rental basis, and we’re always available for on-site assistance, recommendations and technical advice.

More Than Mere Sales

We, at PacB, have built up a proud reputation in the industry as manufacturers, suppliers, installers, service, maintenance and repair professionals of industrial diesel generators, uninterrupted power supplies, and renewable energy solutions for more than a decade. We realise that in addition to our sales function, responsible, reputable generator supply involves far more than persuading clients to sign on the dotted line. We strive to achieve more than mere sales.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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