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As South Africans, we are no strangers to blackouts. Euphemistically termed “load shedding”, the erratic nature of local electricity supply has been one of the great humblings of our economy over the last decade or so. From funny little machines that field workers sometimes used to generate power on site, generators have risen in consumer consciousness and manufacturing standards to the point where today, South Africans know that without your own generator, you are at the mercy of failing infrastructure and uncaring officials. For many, silent generators are the ideal, but generators of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities now dot the country in huge numbers.


From a humble shack running a generator to power lights and charge phones, to mining houses with huge industrial generators that represent heavy machinery, everyone who owns one is unambiguous about their benefits. A continuous power supply is a fundamental component of business, and indeed, life itself as we know it. Today, people who previously would not have recognised a generator at all, now often have a history of generating their own power at home or at work. Generators have become commonplace, and because silent generators remain first choice, generators on the whole are likely far more commonly in operation in your neighbourhood than you know.


Some solace can be derived from the fact that a great many countries around the world are battling with the same issues as we are. A delayed development of alternative energy sources due to a lack of political will, funds, or both, means many nations are running low (or high on price) on fossil fuels, the resources that power electricity generation. Where hydro power is in play, at least as many countries lack suitable terrain or water sources to generate hydro-electric power on a national scale. It is not all doom and gloom of course, as even in South Africa, we have established wind and solar farms and other alternative energy resources, and our legislation is being scrutinised to incentivise the sale of even small-scale operators’ power back into the national grid.


Ensuring You Buy the Right Kind of Generator


We might be running late, but we are looking at alternative energy more seriously as the legacy model of the polluting, expensive, and now frequently failing power station alienates modern environmental consciousness, while demanding fees that the poor and marginal cannot afford. All of which is great news, but it still means that South Africans sit in the dark far too often while we wait for alternative power resources to become a mainstream reality.


When shopping generators, there are some common mistakes to be avoided, lest a generator’s performance and eventual cost-effectiveness disappoint. For starters, it helps to define broad types of generators that might find application for homeowners or commercial enterprises. One of the biggest problems with homeowners buying generators is that they often buy standby generators to fulfill a role they are not equipped to perform.


Standby generators are designed to kick in on occasion when the power fails, and provide continuity to operations on an as-and-when basis. They are not going to tolerate prolonged hours of operation, and typically burn out after a year or so of regular daily operation or by being tasked with a frequent dedicated workload.


Another popular misconception is that “silent” generators are actually silent! This is less the fault of the consumer, and more a product of the industry using the word indiscriminately to describe the varying operational noise levels of different generators. That said, a professional supplier will not mislead consumers about the nature of a generator, and when using the word “silent” will actually mean a low noise level suitable for homeowners or close proximity to business premises.


Measuring Noise, the Reason Silent Generators Are So Popular


Noise is conventionally measured in decibels (dB, or dBA, where the latter refers to a more accurate, weighted measure). While it is crucial for purposes of accurate reporting that generators carry a noise rating (also often given as a rating at a set distance away from the machine), it is more useful to look at a few examples that are relatable, in order to determine just how silent you need your generator to be. Your fridge likely generates an average of around 40dBA, while human conversation usually generates around 65dBA of noise. A stretch of highway with fairly busy traffic might create about 80dBA of noise, while a lawnmower will produce around 90dBA.


It stands to reason that generators are thumping machines doing a fair amount of work to produce electricity. Silent generators, therefore, usually carry a higher price tag, but not as a mark of opportunism. With all of the mechanics at play in the average generator, it takes some doing to successfully mask the noise and render a generator silent. Greater muffling of generator noise adds to the engineering tactics and overall build, and hence, the price is often higher on these models.


Looking at the noise level examples above; you can readily determine what operational noise level would be acceptable to you and hone the budget accordingly. Most silent generators are regular runners too, which means few standby generators are. When noise will be intermittent, what is a loud level when it will pass soon enough? When more regular work is demanded of a generator, it will obviously add to its value if it were able to run relatively silently. Some refer to the most silent generators as “whisper” generators, and these are of course ideal for unobtrusive functionality. In a nutshell, standby generators are seldom silent, while when buying a silent generator, you can be pretty sure it is going to perform under a regular workload.


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