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Silent Generators

Sounds of Silence and Almost Silent Generators

Nowadays, almost everyone in urban areas and beyond is familiar with the sight and sound of generators operating busily during these times of recurrent power failures, load shedding, and electricity outages. At night, in the suburbs, when everything is silent, the sound of an alternative, functioning power supply source is comforting to those who benefit from its backup electricity.


Residential Locations

There they are, out in the open in the backyards of homes when it’s not raining, or housed in a well-ventilated shed or similar structure that’s dedicated to the safe containment of a working generator, which is usually everything but silent.

Generators might seem downright noisy, especially if you’re not the owner of the unit that keeps your lights on when all else fails in its fundamental function. There is a way (which we’ll explore later in this article) to circumvent the noisiest sounds produced by these generators.


Industrial Systems for Multiple Users and Large Applications

Most big South African shopping malls with major retailers as anchor tenants have adapted to the recurring power crises by having their own large, high capacity industrial generators to ensure that all their tenants, shoppers, and mall visitors can enjoy the experience as usual. Although these large generating units may operate quietly, within an acceptable decibel range, they are housed in special separate and dedicated soundproof locations, seemingly silent.


Individually Owned Smaller Units

However, smaller businesses that occupy retail spaces or shops that are located elsewhere may be compelled to voluntarily purchase their own petrol-powered generators to provide their own individual backup electricity without which they cannot function or trade.  When load shedding was a relatively new concept and owning a generator was only just taking off in popularity, many a power unit could be seen and heard on the pavement, chug-chugging away quite noisily outside the retail space.

In this instance, one thinks of hair salons, which use hot water and chemical and styling processes that function with heat and moving air. Dog-grooming parlours use electric clippers to trim dogs’ coats, while retailers of perishable goods are completely reliant on a steady supply of electricity to keep foods cold and fresh.


Sounds of Silence

At night, when all is silent, sound carries more discernibly than during the day, when one is accustomed to hearing ambient noise without really noticing or paying attention. Then, in daylight conditions, the sound of a working generator is considerably less obvious.

The specialists at PacB Group’s power solution facilities will advise and assist you to obtain a standard or custom-designed system or set that meets your specific needs, allowing for a safety margin of additional capacity, and rendered within the industry standard’s “silent” decibel range.

Low-vibration levels are commensurate with lower sound emission – whisper quiet or silent. The size, generating capacity, build and component quality, type, and housing of generators are factors that also determine sound levels, measured in decibels. In the industry, sound emissions below 60 decibels are considered quiet.

We have the knowledge, experience, recognised qualifications, and expertise to design, manufacture, install, and commission generator sets and required components that are of great quality and excellent reliability. We also undertake refuelling, repairs, service, and maintenance, as per our voluntary, relevant service level agreements.  Only a well-maintained generator system that’s right for your individual application can be relied upon to provide you with what you want, need, and pay for, with confidence. If you’re looking for an efficient, virtually silent, effective and reliable backup power solution then get in touch with the PacB Group today. When it comes to generators, we won’t disappoint.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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