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Some Good Reasons for Choosing Diesel Generators

While some in other countries may wonder why backup power is necessary, except for industrial purposes, those of us who live in South Africa have long been aware of the risk when relying for mains electricity solely on a national service provider. Today, it is not only factories, mines, construction sites, and commercial premises that rely on power from diesel generators, many of the nation’s residents now rely on them as a means to cope with the frequent outages that have become the norm in recent years.

In the home, these units help residents to sustain the more important tasks for which power is essential. They are a means ensure illumination during blackout times, as well as the option to continue powering fridges, freezers, and PCs, and ensuring family members do not miss their favourite TV programmes. By installing a more powerful model, it is even possible to continue maintaining all of the normal domestic activities, including heating and cooking if desired.

Consisting of an alternator and an engine to drive it, diesel-driven generators offer several advantages over those with engines that are powered by other fuels. Firstly, this type of engine is inherently more powerful. Not surprisingly, this is a factor that features high among the reasons why it is the preferred choice of those heavy industries in which load demands are consistently high. In addition, anyone who might be thinking of an emergency power source for use in the home should be aware that, while petrol-driven models may be cheaper, petroleum is both volatile and highly inflammable, so re-fuelling and the storage of a sufficient reserve of fuel on domestic property could present a severe hazard, unless suitable precautions are strictly observed.

By contrast, the diesel fuel used in generators is not inflammable. However, regardless of which type one may choose, it will be essential that it is located in a well-ventilated space to prevent the inhalation of exhaust emissions. For domestic users and small business, an outdoor location is ideal, but to ensure that any neighbours will not be bothered by the noise, they are best housed in a shed or a purpose-built soundproof canopy.

Apart from being more powerful and safer due to their use of a non-inflammable fuel, they are also markedly more durable than alternatives. Because they have fewer parts that might tend to become worn, the engines used to power diesel generators also tend to be far less subject to breakdowns and malfunctions than a petrol engine. As well as minimising the need for costly replacements and repairs, this feature can also help to simplify preventative maintenance programmes, making it possible for in-house engineers to assume this responsibility for gensets installed on company premises.

One of the important requirements of an auxiliary or emergency power source is that it should be possible to activate it as quickly as possible if an owner is to minimise any inconvenience or loss of production as the result of a mains failure. In the case of diesel generators, the solution is to install an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Located between the mains input to the premises and the distribution system, it is designed to detect loss of mains power, to initiate the start-up process for the standby source, and to switch to it once the correct voltage and frequency have been attained. Automatic switching eliminates the time and labour required by manual transfers. When the ATS detects that mains power has been restored, it reverses the process, and thus prevents any unnecessary fuel wastage that might occur in the event that the resumption of mains power should pass unnoticed by a manual operator.

Clearly, there are several good reasons to purchase diesel generators. However, it is also important to choose a quality product that will fully meet your needs, and these are two good reasons to contact PacB Group.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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