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South Africa is Now Home to World-Class Industrial Generators

Being rated a world-class venue for industrial generators is not an accolade this country ever needed, but still involuntarily received. South Africa has been forced into alternative power supply solutions by a crumbling state apparatus. That said, with the tremendous uptick in generator application across the country, in homes and on business premises, at the corner café, and at the biggest mines, we have become a nation of generator fans! The good news is that with such a tremendous pivot in the power supply market, research and development on best practice with industrial generators has moved forward in leaps and bounds. We are now capable of building sleek industrial generators that match the best anywhere in the world.

Moreover, while industries replicate in most countries, South African industry has always needed a South African solution, as the nuances of local conditions combine to demand a robust and locally effective solution. We pump seawater and chemicals, we mine gold and coal, we process food and make clothing, and every application of generated power comes with its own unique subtleties. This is why homemade solutions are best when it comes to industrial generators and their performance. When you think about it, it is a pretty amazing feat that South Africa has pulled off. Industry by and large was fit enough to absorb the capex and running costs of industrial generators, to the point where today, it is a blessing if Eskom is on, but it means nothing when it is not. That is no small achievement, as many other countries have fared poorly when trying to formulate standby, off-grid solutions.

Industrial Generator Application

Lowering costs while upping performance is the name of the industrial generator game. Ease of installation and maintenance are factors too, and the best industrial generators are a Goldilocks mix of raw power and efficient supply. If your needs are large, your losses are as large when the power goes out. Throw in the fact that your competitors will count amongst the entities who have installed industrial generators for their consistent production, and its small wonder that South Africans now consider standby power a standard necessity, and also why our generators are on a par with the best the world has to offer.

Smart industrial generators maintain income, safeguard strategic plans, maintain monitoring and security, and ultimately support the bottom line. It might be do or die when it comes to generating your own power, because Eskom has been trying for years to become a solution but remains a frustration. That said, it does not have to mean you are trapped in an uneconomical second-best scenario, at least not if you source your industrial generators from real professionals in the field.

Most often, industrial generators are of a scale to run farms, factories, processing plants, mines, and other large arenas of endeavour. Installed alone or as a bank, industrial generators are typically primed to kick in the second outside power fails, and likewise go off again whenever Eskom returns. In this manner, a great many local industries have managed to put the concern of power supply out of their minds, and concentrate on core business profitability.

Indeed, for many, especially in light of Eskom’s constant hunger for higher prices, “returning” to conventional power – even were it available as a regular supply – is becoming less and less attractive. Yes, industrial generators are machines you own, and along with ownership comes maintenance obligations. Eskom is responsible for its own maintenance, and simply sells you the end product, but we have all seen how well that model is currently (not) working.

Industrial Generators Everywhere

Industrial generators in fact have far more widespread use than you might think, and premises supported by robust generators include recreational facilities (stadiums), large residential estates, a diverse array of commercial premises, and up to the largest industrial premises humanity builds. Manufacturing and processing plants, hotels, hospitals, and telecom companies all rely on industrial generators to keep the lights on and business flowing as usual. Particularly in the case of hospitals and other emergency service centres, the onus on the generator supplier to equip the premises flawlessly is heavy. As a country, we have built solutions that are more than up to the task.

What starts losing currency in a fresh produce production facility when the power goes off? Some industries cannot afford to sit on perishable goods waiting for Eskom to come back on. Likewise in hospitals and clinics around South Africa, surgery is power-driven to a large extent, or at least the life-preserving machinery that maintains the patient’s condition is, and it cannot simply switch off midway through an operation. Indeed, it is hard to imagine what quality of life South Africans would now have, were it not for our tenacity and insistence on solid working solutions, now that state power has become an embarrassing reality.

PacB is the Home of Superior Industrial Generators

When it comes to industrial generators, PacB is the best. We are not bragging, but merely pointing out that in every trade there is a bottom-, middle-, and top-end line of goods, and we provide only expertly designed and engineered solutions. We manufacture a myriad of components for most of the top names in industrial generators, and our own builds have performed exceptionally, giving years of ongoing service to this day. We will admit to out limitations – we cannot manufacture junk, and we cannot do inferior work. We are happy to live with those, however!

We long ago cut our teeth on some amazing South African projects. Over the last decade, we have had the pleasure of building and rigging some of the smartest and highest performing industrial generators in the country, and we are known for our control panel design too, and our ability to address every single one of our clients’ needs with whatever we install.

We also provide a maintenance service that keeps your machines in top working order, which means you start out well, and carry on forever more, gleaning the performance and cost-effectiveness of industrial generators working at their peak efficiency level. Call us first when it is time to power up, and we guarantee you a solid solution that ranks right up there with the latest generator technology in the world – a truly tailor-made and effective solution that will give you the peace of mind you seek.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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