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Superior Standard and Custom-Built South African Generators

Electricity supply is a hot topic throughout South Africa and has been so for more than a decade. Issues associated with this topic also have international business and investment implications and far-reaching repercussions. Electricity generators and the need for the sustained generation of reliable electricity supply across our country is of great importance.

A Shutdown Affects All

In modern society and in particular, in a developing country like South Africa, the constant, consistent supply of electrical power is essential. Lack of an adequate supply of electricity and lengthy, frequent outages, scheduled or otherwise, have a shutdown effect on industry, agriculture, mining, modern infrastructure, and businesses. These are the stalwarts of a modern economy.

Households and everyday lifestyles aren’t spared either. All walks of modern life are adversely affected since very few important activities and functions can operate properly, successfully, or at all without power.

No Quick Fix for Eskom

Some of the main, major power problems are due to a lack of maintenance, insufficient and inadequate forward planning, and mismanagement. Recognising these factors alone, however, doesn’t solve the Eskom problems in the short or even medium term.

There is no quick fix for South Africa’s entire electricity generation trials and tribulations. There are early indications that things may turn around but meaningful improvements to stabilise power supply may take at least 18 months to address across South Africa.

South African Power Solutions – Generators

Nonetheless, South Africans are known for their determination and perseverance in making a plan to solve problems – “ ’n Boer maak ‘n plan”, the Afrikaans language colloquial phrase with the same meaning. In this respect, many of this country’s citizens are like-minded in seeking the quickest, most viable, and practical solutions to immediate problems.

There’s little doubt that a number of vitally important South African organisations might have come to a complete and lasting standstill without utilising alternative or standby industrial diesel generators, particularly the “big boys” of the generator industry, the powerful power sets that are capable of delivering electricity when Eskom power fails or is subject to load shedding.

PacB Group

This is when and where the South African PacB Group enters the picture to play a leading role as a group of companies and divisions which specialise in the provision of generators, allied equipment, and services. The Group consists of four divisions:

  • PacB Power Solutions: This division is known and respected countrywide and beyond as a manufacturer of first-class industrial diesel generators, matchless uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), advanced alternative renewable energy-producing solutions and dependable equipment rental services (for clients who chose to rent reliable equipment, rather than buy).
  • PacB Global: They are responsible for the global trade of the Group’s imports and exports of components for our generator manufacturing division, the supply of UPS/batteries, and/or various renewable energy items.
  • PacB Electech:  This division is the latest addition to the PacB stable and is in charge of installations, service level agreements, monitoring of PacB products, and repairs.
  • PacB Power Projects: This is a highly specialised division, which focuses on helping clients with major, unique or unusual power solution projects, typically involving generators, UPS, renewable energy solutions, and/or combinations of or between alternative power solutions.

Additional Advanced Generator-Related Services include:

  • Experts, internationally qualified
  • Custom panel designs
  • Expertise and experience in successful large projects for major sectors and industries
  • Superior quality standard features
  • Tailor-made sets if required
  • Qualified, experienced, and skilled technicians offer outstanding support across our total service offering.

We manufacture most reputable brands’ complete generator units, complete synchronised systems, customised engine control panels, and electrical change-over panels, plus specialised systems which we’ve also designed, prior to manufacture.

Our personnel are NOSA-trained, and PacB operates strictly according to international ISO 9001 standards. Although we’re a South African group, we also operate throughout Africa, whilst our clients may choose the PacB complete turnkey power solution, which includes strong, tailor-made generators, transport, rigging, commissioning, and more.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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