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The Common Types of Generators for Sale and Their Uses

Most people are likely to be completely unaware of the various companies that offer generators for sale, even though we continue to become increasingly dependent on generators in this country. Electricity not only supplies light, entertainment, climate control, the ability to cook food, and other services to those who inhabit the nation’s cities and towns, but it serves as the life force of the many industries that have become vital in order to power the South African economy.

That dependence has become considerably more obvious in recent years, given the obvious failure of the national provider to meet the combined demands of the country’s domestic and commercial consumers. The increase in the frequency of power interruptions are either planned or the result of failure in Eskom’s ageing and inadequate infrastructure. Load shedding has since motivated domestic users to visit their local hardware stores in search of generators for sale.

Given that they are fairly compact and relatively cheap, the average homeowner tends to settle for a petrol-driven model. Although they are a bit noisier than their diesel-driven counterparts, they can sufficiently provide power for some of the more essential tasks, such as powering the lights, TV, PC, alarm system, fridge, and freezer, while allowing you to charge a mobile phone or two. In terms of cooking, there is always the option of having a braai or going to a takeaway place that escaped the blackout. On the downside, petrol is highly flammable and must be stored with great care, and the noise could become a problem with the neighbours.

There is, of course, no shortage of diesel generators for sale. Although diesel generators have a higher price tag, diesel is non-flammable and is thus safer than petrol. These units are also more powerful, less noisy, and more fuel-efficient than petrol-powered models. For a relatively modest investment, one of these could supply a sufficient amount of power to maintain a fully-functional home in the event of a mains outage. Because of their higher performance specifications and greater safety, diesel-powered models are the backup option of choice for use in commercial premises, such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, and educational facilities.

Of the many manufacturers, who offer diesel generators for sale, names like Cummings, Perkins, Volvo, and Scania are known and respected throughout the world for their robust construction and reliable performance. Not surprisingly, they are the preferred choices for many of South Africa’s leading industries, where they are used as a primary power source, a supplementary supply during periods of peak loading, or an emergency backup device in the event of a mains outage.

When used for supplementary and emergency roles, it is especially important that the transition from mains to mains plus auxiliary power, or from mains to backup power, occurs smoothly. In order to achieve this, generators are often offered for sale, in combination with a programmable logic control panel. The purpose of the added device is to ensure continuity of supply, so that there is no interruption to the plant’s production. It can also provide protection from power spikes that could damage machinery and other electrical equipment in use.

It was traditionally thought that diesel-powered units were outperforming the more eco-friendly models, driven by natural gas. However, the eco-friendly models have undergone extensive improvement and, apart from lagging a little in their peak energy density, their performance compares favourably with that of diesel generators for sale. They are the preferred choice for small power producers. In addition to being cleaner and quieter, units below 150kW are also more cost-effective.

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