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The Gen on Generator Repair

In South Africa, since 2007/2008, this country’s populace has often experienced trying times, created and caused by an unreliable supply of electrical power. It is the very same electricity supply upon which modern lifestyles, commerce and industry depend and without which nothing functions effectively or optimally.

Hence, the feeling of relief and satisfaction is almost immeasurable when one regains a level of control over one’s individual power usage again, immediately after having an independent electricity-generating unit installed and commissioned. It is the route that many households and industries have taken, simply to continue functioning relatively normally.

In such prevailing conditions, the use of a privately-owned generator, well-maintained and in good repair, is essential. However, you should keep in mind that your acquired generator should also be serviced, maintained and repaired as and when necessary, to prevent it meeting the same fate as much of Eskom’s equipment.

South Africans are all too accustomed to periodic power failures, planned and unplanned outages and this country’s seemingly eternal bugbear – the implementation of load shedding, but familiarity by no means indicates acceptance. At such times, without the backup of a privately owned and independently-operated generator, people are literally left in the dark, most evident after sunset.

Domestic Scenario

In a powerless interim and domestic scenario, folks typically take much longer to get home from a hard day’s work (depending on the availability of electricity, as well as the prevailing level of COVID 19 lockdown), only to be faced with no way to cook a hot, nourishing supper in the microwave, on the stove-top or in the oven.

There’s no TV to switch on and watch or cup of coffee after eating a substitute supper, consisting of a sandwich with a spread of filling of whatever’s available, or a takeaway, collected from a fast food outlet that cooks with gas.

Depending on the size of the family and the geyser, hot water with which to have a bath or take a shower may run out before the last member of the family has the opportunity to wash. Without electricity, you cannot use any device like a computer, tablet or mobile phone, once their batteries have run down and become depleted. Your opportunities to get the latest information about on-going repairs and estimated time of power restoration are limited, few or non-existent.

On occasion, ageing power- generating infrastructure fails to function or trips when Eskom ends a session of load shedding. In effect, this means that, once alerted to the problem by consumers, the power supplier has to identify and locate the fault or breakdown, send technicians out to attend to it, and wait patiently while they repair or replace whatever component has failed. It is a process that may take up to three additional hours or longer, post load shedding.

Commerce and Industry

Without the generation of a constant, reliable power supply, virtually all commercial and industrial operations come to a halt each time an electricity outage occurs. When the power fails, everything comes to a standstill. Moreover, certain processes cannot operate on a start-stop production basis, which is inevitable when generators and allied equipment fail or break down, pending time-consuming repairs.

When production ceases, productivity suffers and irreversible damage to or loss of sensitive equipment, components and products may occur. Productive time is lost and product prices may increase to compensate for financial losses.

Compounding Economic Implications

As a negative cycle with rising input costs continues, they compound, much to the detriment of the consumer and producer price indices, plus the country’s inflation rate – bad news for potential international investors, a strained national economy and cash-strapped consumers.

Power Producer’s Possible Perspective

At PacB Group, South African power solution specialists with a global reach, we cannot and do not attempt to speak on behalf of Eskom or any other body. We are, however, aware of various facts, figures and the opinions of numerous parties.

By their own admission, Eskom spokespersons have stated that in the past, inadequate, irregular maintenance of and timely preventative repairs to their ageing generators and power-producing equipment is largely to blame for South Africa’s far-reaching electricity woes.

To be fair, it must be said that the new top management team in charge of the power producer’s operations appears to have taken a firm, realistic approach to address a tough problematic situation, which cannot possibly be resolved overnight. Temporary plasters and repairs cannot suffice in the longer term.

They are also taking decisive action to prevent peak hour overloading of the national grid, which won’t and can’t be transformed into a reliable electricity supply, with adequate or excess capacity, within the short term. Eskom is also supplying consumers with regular updates and relevant communications about the ever-changing national power grid’s status in defined areas.

Interim and Ultimate Goals

The ultimate goal, plus interim and ultimate solutions are planned and on the cards – replacement of generators and components that are beyond repair, the repair of those which are still likely to be viable for some time, and strict adherence to scheduled, recommended, regular service and maintenance intervals.

Putting PacB into the Picture

The PacB Group’s newest specialised division is known as PacB Electech. We created this Group Company to cater for installations, implementation and operation of our service level agreements, plus the repairs and monitoring of all our PacB products.

Primarily, our product range consists of industrial diesel generators, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), renewable energy solutions (solar panels), rental services, principally pertaining to generators, as well as our pre-owned power solutions. PacB Electech also targets and serves potential clients.

Although our quality PacB products seldom break down to the extent that they require repairs, one can never say “never”. Therefore, we are trained, experienced in our field, and ready to assist with repairs, and as and when necessary, replacement of parts.

A quotation for spares will be supplied as soon as possible, enabling you to make an informed decision before telling our team to go ahead with the required work. It’s particularly important for certain clients to have their equipment repaired and up and running in the shortest possible time.

Our Electech team recognises this, and in certain critical cases and applications, will endeavour to provide professional assistance after hours, if necessary. That’s only part of the PacB power solution ethos, but it may nevertheless be integral to your operation’s function and our sterling reputation in our industry, amongst our peers and our network of clients, whom we strive to serve with PacB Group diligence and commitment.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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