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The Importance of Regular Generator Maintenance

As for any type of functioning machinery, it is essential that generators undergo service and maintenance. What could be worse than finding that the power-generating unit on which you rely when the electricity system experiences an outage won’t or cannot function, because your privately-owned generator has developed a fault. You need a technician with the knowledge and expertise to locate and fix the problem.

Worst-Case Scenario

Not much, really, unless your generator is totally beyond repair and must be replaced, probably at a considerably higher cost than your original outlay. Relying on unreliable, often intermittent mains-electricity supply is bad enough, but it’s far worse not having use of the generator which you’ve bought specifically to avoid being powerless during frequent or unexpected electricity outages.

Illustrating the Point

To better illustrate the point, we’ll describe a more commonplace scenario or occurrence with which a broader non-technical audience can identify. We’ll use motor-vehicle ownership as an example, because more people own vehicles, rather than having the good fortune, foresight, or means of owning a generator.

When purchasing a new motor vehicle nowadays, it is standard for the buyer to be furnished with additional benefits, which are usually included in the vehicles price, but some may be optional extras or are pro-rated, as in the case of a model that’s been used for demonstration purposes.

Service and Maintenance Plan

Additional, sometimes optional benefits consist of a warranty, plus a service and maintenance plan, which are typically valid for a specified limited period of time or number of kilometres, whichever occurs first. The inclusion of maintenance in the purchase plan is a clear reflection of the importance that manufacturers, sellers, and buyers attach to regular machine maintenance.

For the duration of the plan’s validity, most new machine service plans specify that inspections and services are to be performed by accredited dealership workshops and by marque-trained, specialised technicians. Thereafter, once the plan has expired, it is up to the buyer or owner whether he or she decides to make use of independent, non-dealership workshops, or continue to utilise the services of the brand or marque-accredited facilities.


Reliability is an essential aspect of owning and driving a vehicle – a hard-working piece of mechanical equipment that also incorporates vital electrical and electronic systems. Therefore, it’s likewise vitally imperative that maintenance should take place at intervals.

The Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Service and maintenance plans are specified and recommended by the manufacturer, the party that is most familiar with the vehicle’s components, capabilities, and expected optimal performance levels. They also understand any potential wear and tear that would probably occur at various stages during normal machine use.

Without maintenance and service at appropriate intervals, most types of machinery and working equipment – including generators –would be prone to a decline in performance, followed by damage and eventually, failure and breakdown. This could lead to them eventually becoming irreparable, literally and figuratively ready for the scrap heap or where possible, for recycling.

The Pacb Group: Generator Supplier and Maintenance-Service Provider

The PacB Group not only supplies superior industrial diesel generators; we also manufacture a comprehensive range of power units for a host of applications and electrical energy requirements, as permanent power sources in off-the-grid areas, or for use as and when an electrical outage occurs, particularly during load shedding.

At PacB, we’re fully aware of the vital role that generator maintenance plays in ensuring that your power set performs optimally whenever you need it. This was the primary reason for expanding our sterling services to include the PacB Electech division for the provision of specialised generator services and regular unit maintenance.

PacB Electech offers Standard Service Level Agreements, which are based on four annual on-site inspections, an option which may be customised if required. Our skilled technicians inspect, clean, and report on the power set, ensuring that everything complies with PacB’s standards in the field, as is expected from a reliable, well-maintained generator.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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