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The Important Role of Professional Generator Maintenance Service Providers

If there is one matter that’s abundantly clear in South Africa, it’s that regular, timely maintenance and repairs to electricity-generating equipment is an on-going, never-ending, and essential activity. In South Africa, a lack of required, regular maintenance to power-producing generators and allied equipment, coupled with the rapid growth and increasing demands placed on electrical infrastructure, lies at the heart of our electricity supply woes. These woes have had an exceptionally adverse impact on the country’s national economy and daily life.

Turning Power Off

Without adequate maintenance and service, all fully operational, constantly working mechanical and electrical components are bound to give problems and eventually break down completely. This is a cold, hard fact and it is confirmed almost every time the lights go out, and load shedding schedules are instituted once more.

Adverse Effect on Equipment

Moreover and in time, the lack of proper maintenance adversely impacts virtually any and every functioning piece of equipment, unless the manufacturer guarantees that their product is totally maintenance-free, which is hardly likely. Thus, new solutions are needed.

The Answer? Switching Over to a Generator

That’s when those who are prepared for such events switch over to their generators, since every electrified household, business, retailer, financial institution, factory, and healthcare facility relies on electrical power to continue functioning. Those who don’t own a generator are left in the dark.

Why Choose PacB Group?

  • We’re reputable: Purchase the generator from a reputable, knowledgeable supplier, like PacB power solutions, whose personnel know the power-solution industry and the products they sell to customers extremely well – quite literally inside-out, while also having the expertise to recommend the most appropriate unit that delivers the required power and performance levels.
  • We sell high-quality products: Because the PacB Group is also a renowned manufacturer of superior-quality electricity-generating sets and engine control panels, we’re fully and practically conversant with all aspects of generators, including their assembly, specifications, respective functions, and their service, repairs, and maintenance.
  • We’re in line with industry standards: It should be noted that PacB Group’s specialists will always recommend a generator that has a capacity which somewhat exceeds maximum power-generating requirements. Constantly running a generator to its maximum capacity is never advisable, because no amount of maintenance can compensate for placing excessive strain on the unit. Therefore, having a “safety margin” makes good sense.
  • We care about maintaining our products: Because we recognise the vital role that maintenance fulfils in the long-term performance of generators, we at PacB have established a specialised division, PacB Electech, which focuses on installations, commissioning, repairs, service-level agreements, and monitoring the power-producing sets that we supply to our customers. Additionally, we undertake installation and commissioning of the sets manufactured by other concerns outside our Group.

Maintenance begins with a thorough professional inspection, the first step in the execution of PacB Powertech’s optional recommended Standard Service Level Agreements, which consist of four annual inspections, plus access to a separate special emergency line. However, the inspection schedule may be adapted to better meet individual client requirements.

On-site tests are performed according to a checklist that’s relevant to the model, after which the set is cleaned thoroughly. If anything of concern is discovered during this maintenance check, it is reported to our client, along with a quotation for the repair of the fault. An upfront report will be supplied, which includes a quotation for service and parts required for the next service inspection. In addition to selecting our PacB generator maintenance service agreement, clients also have the option to have a device fitted that’s linked to our monitoring centre, with or without a replica control panel installed in the site office, or a GSM remote control capability, controlled via the customer’s smartphone technology. Contact us today for more information.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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